360° Panoramic Vehicle 5G PTZ

While many security manufacturers are struggling with vision limitation of vehicle-mounted PTZ cameras, KEDACOM has raised the bar with its 360° Panoramic Vehicle 5G PTZ Camera. Integrated with AI recognition functions, the camera will greatly improve the detection efficiency.


Join us on Tuesday, December 14th at 4pm (UTC /GMT+8) with Mr. Sam Zou, KEDACOM’s Mobile Product Director to learn details of how the 360° Panoramic Vehicle 5G PTZ camera can fulfill a broad range of vehicle-mounted surveillance requirement and support public and police officer safety.


In this webinar, you will also learn:

How long will it take to build a smart police car, and what products do you need?

How can the Smart Vehicle System practically help police solve problems?

How can the system help police locate suspect vehicles among massive vehicles?

How can it greatly help traffic police improve operation efficiency?

… ….


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