KEDACOM Provides Remote Education Program to Schools During the Coronavirus Outbreak

2020-02-14 16:03  

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, China's Ministry of Education recently has announced that the spring semester of 2020 for schools will be postponed. As we understand the urgent needs of remote education for teachers and students, KEDACOM R&D team quickly established a cloud platform to ensure remote teaching for all our Smart Class users, including more than 300 schools and universities in China.



Teacher-end: Start Class with One Click

Teachers can work at home or at the school.

When teaching at home, simply download our PC-end software, install it properly to your computer, and then you can start a live streaming with one click. Meanwhile the system can generate a QR code automatically for students to scan and enter the class. All video and audio information and teaching courseware can be streamed simultaneously to each student.



When teaching at school, KEDACOM Smart Classroom program can help create a real class scene to the teacher. students at home can scan the QR code generated by our program to enter the class, yet still have similar experience as they are physically in the classroom.



Student-end: Scan and Learn

Despite the teacher giving a lecture at home, at school or elsewhere, students at home can scan the shared QR code via a computer, pad or smart phone and enter the class. In this case, no specialized client-end software is required for students to install.



New Users

New users who have not yet deployed KEDACOM Smart Classroom program, including universities and primary and secondary schools, please feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to offer suggestions and solutions according to your needs.


In general, KEDACOM smart classroom requires only one video recorder, one teacher tracking camera and one sound-picking device. If external conditions such as network is available, the installation of our program would take only one hour and the classroom is ready to use. More cameras and microphones can be accessed if the classroom is big enough or has special requirements.



Teaching in KEDACOM Smart Classroom not only can provide teachers with a better teaching experience, but also bring students a better listening experience. For teachers, applied with a nonrotating design and AI technology, KEDACOM tracking camera can automatically track the teacher’s movement, switch close-up and panoramic images accordingly, and broadcast at the same time. Teacher can walk around the classroom freely, stand or sit down, or write on the blackboard as usual. The system will record the whole teaching process while the teacher feels no different.


There is no need to install any software for students. Simply scan the shared QR code via a computer, Pad or smart phone, the whole process of the lecture, including video, sound, courseware, and blackboard-writing can be seen.


KEDACOM in Action

With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, KEDACOM as a leading company in video conference industry, hopes to use the power of science and technology to fight the disease.


In the field of education, our Smart Classroom Project has been applied in more than 300 colleges and universities, such as Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, and nearly 20,000 primary and secondary school classrooms in China. We have more than 30 branches located in 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China. In addition, we provide a 7 * 24 online service during this difficult time, to ensure the remote education is available at all time to our existing users, and respond our new customers quickly.


To help organize teachers effectively, strengthen epidemic training and communication management, we offer a free download of our video conference application to all education intuitions, teachers and students in China. Hold online meeting without limitation on location, time and number of people, it will improve work efficiency and make communication a lot easier.