For Philippines Armed Forces: Staying Protected While Staying Connected

2020-05-21 17:26  

In the wake of the nationwide lockdown due to outbreak of Covid-19, video conferencing solution has been called out by the companies and government organisations in order to revive the country from the outbreak.


Currently, the global video conferencing market is one of the most diversified and dynamic in the entire technology world today.  



KEDACOM, as a key player in video conferencing market, has developed a strong presence in Philippines since the last decade. The military forces of Philippines being one of the major customers throughout this journey has underlines the credibility of KEDACOM’s product and the reputation of the company in the eyes of government agencies.


Protecting the privacy of communications is always a key requirement for federal agencies than for most other industries. KEDACOM’s stable, secure and ever-improving video conference solution is an exact fit for armed forces of Philippines in terms of the ability to provide a government-scale protection for highly confidential data and communication.



Being one of the top brands in the video conferencing (VC) market, KEDACOM has been providing VC solution to Armed Forces of Philippine (including army and navy) over the years. Undergo a transition from SD to HD, and full HD became the new normal, KEDACOM has continuously offered excellent expansion and upgrade services to our clients. The system can effectively cut cost while allowing users to dive deeper with more functions that they need the in long run.


The key considerations for government agencies are always the security, stability and capability. There are many cloud platforms available in the market with cheaper prices but high data and security breaches risks which may threaten the ability of an organization to continue in business. With KEDACOM solution, customer can rest assured they get covered against these potential risks with full control of the system and privacy. Compare to a public cloud solution, customer can have extra peace of mind when they are having confidential meetings with different branches with KEDACOM solutions.