KEDACOM Created Full Set of Security Solution for Abenson Warehouse

2020-10-13 14:07  



As famous store and online shop, Abenson is well known by Philippines. Its warehouses are located in Quezon city, Camanava, Makati, Rizal, Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga/ Olongapo/ Bataan and other places. Recently, the old security system has caused some troubles and the owner decided to make a full upgrade.





The previous existing cameras were analogue with low resolution, the image quality was blur, has no true color image, the field of view was small and the cabling was complicated with messy cables. Moreover, the cameras were outdated. Therefore, they would like to replace all the existing analogue cameras in the warehouse to IP cameras. Secondly, the cameras were not able to cover the whole warehouse and left out many blind spots. It caused stealing and goods lost. Thirdly, as the old cameras do not have any intelligent features, and no alarms, unauthorized outsiders were able to enter the warehouse at will. And last, there were no central management system, so that it was very hard for the staff to check and notice any abnormal activities in time.




After discussion, KEDACOM took responsibility to make a complete security system to solve their issues. First, IP cameras with 4MP resolution, anti-fog glass and motorized varifocal lens were installed and make a full cover of the warehouse, making sure no blind spot.



Intelligent features such as Motion detection, Tampering, Guard line, Enter guard area and Exit guard area were provided to connect with alarm system, so that any of the suspicious behavior will trigger the alarm, perfectly preventing stealing and unauthorized entering.


We provide Max. 16 HDDs up to 128TB storage and H.265 to save full video recording into storage for evidence. With RAID 5 to ensure the security and stability of the recording, it’s safe enough for them to use as a warehouse supporter.



Lastly, CMS supports 6 screens simultaneously and vStation Pro, integrating with 128 NVR to create a centralized surveillance management at the central control room for all warehouses. Moreover, IOS and Android P2P App is provided for the officers to monitor anytime.