Turkish Border Security


Strategically positioned at the crossroads of the continents of Europe and Asia, the country of Turkey is a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member and its military forces are one of the largest and most advanced national defence institutions in the world. 
She is acutely conscious of her internal and external security situation and closely involved with designing, implementing and upgrading processes and systems that would allow her to perpetually remain operationally ready.

Recently, the Turkish army desired to again upgrade their border security systems and needed appropriate IP video solutions that would help to more aptly address their concerns in ensuring the safety and well-being of the Turkish people.
The mountainous terrain there with varying gradation meant that monitoring these areas would require inordinate vigilance and hence security forces could complement this task with a robust video solution.  



The cameras deployed were astute in terms of video acquisition and the transmission of these to central command center (CCC). They also have built-in laser and Starlight technologies that enable them to capture extraordinary quality videos during both day and night conditions from kilometers away.The system supports RAID technology that ensures integrity of stored data and it also comes with very large storage capacity. And with its video summary capability, footages which take hours to review on a conventional system take just a few minutes with this KEDACOM intelligent system.

The salient features of this stable system are N+1 redundancy that enables it to function continuously in case of hardware failure, a large fine pixel-pitch TV Wall which allows concerned staff to observe details simultaneously and a robust VMS that makes for the efficient management of the entire system.

Using this designated professional video solution, the Turkish army can gain comprehensive situational awareness of areas where this system is deployed by getting high quality video, live view these on centrallylocated TV walls and record these in the system.
KEDACOM will continually serve the Turkish army at any time in a swift manner when required to ensure that their system always runs seamlessly and smoothly.