A Secure and Stable Video Conference


Time matters, especially for military as emergency can happen within seconds, and the result can directly relate to people’s lives. Thus, real-time and on-demand anywhere had become the prior concern when the Armed Forces of the Philippines sought to upgrade its communication equipment five years ago.


Due to the importance of the requirements, a secret weapon, invented by KEDACOM, eventually established in 2013. Since then, this rapidly expanding video conferencing solution has become a crucial communication backbone for Philippines military. With KEDACOM video conferencing solution, the Philippines army and navy have seen obvious changes in its time efficiency and the cost-effectiveness of operations. Meanwhile, KEDACOM promises that all meetings will remain confidential.



Listed as number one company in Chinese cloud video conference market, KEDACOM original video conferencing solution has been broadly used around the world in variety of fields, including courts, business meetings, classrooms and more. The solution can cultivate a more flexible and efficient environment that give you a perfect meeting experience despite of where you locate.


In 2012, KEDACOM released the original telepresence system that redefined the way business people communicating in China. In the following year, Philippines army and navy signed contract with KEDACOM for SD series MCU and terminals. Throughout the smooth expansibility from SD to HD to full HD, today KEDACOM end to end safe and secured communication solution lets administrators arrange remote meetings and other video calls, and helps them to recapture previous meetings if needed.


More importantly, the content confidentiality and integrity of KEDACOM video conference system makes it a very attractive solution to Philippines army and navy authorities. The combination of identity authentication, user name and static password offers an excellent user experience with high security and multi-type terminal access. Our JD2000 full HD MCU can access up to 9 sites third party terminal, allowing officers to make choices of various meeting types, including open-ended meeting, password meeting, do-not-disturb meeting and hidden meeting.


KEDACOM video conference system also scored big points for its high-quality video and audio streaming. Its embedded firewall traversal technology provides extreme convenience for complex network environment. In addition, the service is also reliable since the multiple backup mechanism can ensure the system run steadily, at the end enable the army and navy force to effectively fulfill their missions.


Last but not least, another add-on feature of our system is the cost effectiveness of the operation. Comparing to other big names such as Polycom and Cisco, KEDACOM video conference system can effectively cut cost while allowing users to dive deeper with full functions as they needed.