Tsinghua University Education Solution

Problem facing


  • Repeated construction of equipment and isolated island of information

The Smart classroom built in the early stage, each system of the video part is independent, the tour class, video meeting, recording and broadcasting, tour examination are provided by different manufacturers, the management operation is complex, the fault node is common, the maintenance manufacturers blame each other.


  •  Complex remote interactive operation

Cisco and panasonic conference terminals are only available for the interactive smart classroom built in the early stage, and there is no MCU product desk. Teachers from the information center are required to operate in the classroom for each call, and the equipment cannot be controlled remotely.


  •  Lack of school-based resource pool

Without a unified curriculum resource platform, the resources recorded by recording and broadcasting manufacturers cannot be gathered, and the utilization rate is low. The operation of high-quality recording and broadcasting equipment is complex, and the teachers cannot use it regularly, and there is a lack of systematic and normalized curriculum resource pool.


  •  Simple and inefficient means of class touring

The users use the traditional ball machine to monitor and tour the course, which involves multiple monitoring manufacturers. The operation of the course tour process is cumbersome, which is separated from the course tour supervision business and lacks AI assistance.


  •  Cumbersome video retrieval

The information center does not have an office environment of central control room all the time. It operates in the common station and needs to browse images and download resources through the client of various manufacturers.




  • Local Resources

36 classrooms were selected for the construction of smart classrooms, achieved normalized course recording and school-based resources construction.


  • Remote Interaction

Connect with the original video conference products such as Cisco, Panasonic, ZOOM and BLUEJEANS to realize interactive discussion in school and transnational international academic exchange.


  • Teaching Supervision

With the aid of artificial intelligence, the problem of the traditional course tour process such as cumbersome operation, separation from the course tour supervision business and lack of AI assistance is solved.



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