KEDACOM ZEN Series Smart Meeting Board

The pandemic has brought widespread acceptance for remote work, and the term “hybrid workplace” has become the new buzzword in business. According to statistics, 75% of midsize enterprises will utilize a hybrid model with employees working both from a defined corporate office and from remote locations through 2022.

While virtual meeting has bridged the gap of physical distance, it is not always a “fun” activity when encountering hybrid scenario. There are some drawbacks that can easily upend a meeting, such as:


l  Video conference tool is not elegant to use in rooms scenario

l  Fussy setup and preparation work before a virtual meeting

l  Low-quality video image and concentration as lack of specific meeting hardware

l  Disappointed moments due to interrupting switching among multi-attendees

l  Distracting background sounds making participants unable to concentrate on speech

… …


Thus, how to make hybrid work more productive and engaging is a top challenge for employers.


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