Body Worn Camera Solution


In recent years, the ideas and practices concerning the standardization of law enforcement has been strengthened in policing system. Yet there are still some unethical or even unlawful behaviors arise regarding police performance, and the public perception of law enforcement has skewed toward making the police force look like the bad guys. Police authorities are facing difficulties when enforcing the policing principles.


On the other hand, technological innovations have changed the law enforcement landscape, and the use of AI technology in law enforcement has become more popular. For instance, in order to prevent the misuse of power and provide transparency in policing, the needs of continuous video recording and more advanced technology during police mission has become urgent.


Studies have shown that police officers that wear body worn cameras while on duty have fewer instances of misconduct and excessive force. It also appears that the usage of body worn camera is responsible for a decline in complaints against officers.


KEDACOM body worn camera solution focuses on establishing a smooth-flowing circle of law enforcement procedure, which involving police service handling, evidence collecting, traffic control, etc. In other words, having police officers equipped with our body worn camera, and deploying the docking station and management platform in police stations, the system can achieve core requirements of law enforcement, including:


  • Assigning works to police on duty

  • Video recording everything every second during the mission

  • Real-time supervision for inspectors in command center

  • History retrieval

… …


The solution can also offer additional values to users, such as 4G emergency command, intelligent human and vehicle recognition, and other AI features. Overall, making it possible for officials to hold individual accountable, ensure justice and enhance public safety.



Law Enforcement - Full Process Management

Supports device / data management during the process of police activities

4G Emergency Command - Efficient Decision-making

Supports efficient decision-making and rapid task deployment for handling emergency

AI Suspect Identification - Online / Offline Comparison

Two ways to identify suspect – online and offline, and the offline comparison can be done solely by the body worn camera.