Falcon Human Recognition Solution

Solution Introduction

With the context of raising crimes and terrorism threats, countries are exploring and dedicating more on safe city applications to improve its public security and having more surveillance cameras installed in a city. Whereas without any advanced data processing and video intelligent utilization or divisional management, the massive unstructured video data that is being generated daily will instead become a hindrance to city monitoring agencies or governors. Hence, a long drawn in-progress smart personnel recognition and accurate monitoring control system has post a lot of attention to how AI data processing can really help a city fight crime instead of checking history of videos or outcomes.


Aiming at achieving intelligent and effective personnel flow of the society, KEDACOM Falcon Human Recognition Solution (Falcon HRS) had adopted a cutting-edge deep learning and big data technology since 2015, providing cities a smart video surveillance system, which will help in the fields of personnel recognition, crime investigation, personnel flow control, and further city management. 



Coverage of places of interest and importance like airport, transportation, stadium, station and other general city surveillance scenarios, KEDACOM Falcon HRS platform can utilize cameras as the data acquisition front-end devices, such as ordinary city surveillance camera, police mobile vehicle 4G PTZ camera and body worn camera, ITS ANPR checkpoint camera, and intelligent human recognition checkpoint cameras. Falcon HRS platform can also conduct human face and body recognition on camera streams or video clips, and further support match alarming, facial search, E-map and big data applications to speed up the recognizing and locating of personnel targets, enhancing the personnel flow control and investigation practical capability of customer.



Core Features

AI based most comprehensive recognition algorithm for practical applications

KEDACOM Falcon HRS platform in house developed recognition algorithms as the core, which generates bi-direction optimal snapshots of a personnel’s front and rear view, and further extracts comprehensive attributes that includes gender, age, hair, hat, face mask, glasses, bag, riding of mobility devices, clothing and many more attributes, transforming a very ordinary video stream into a “full of important data” structural personnel archives.



Furthermore, as this algorithm is being well trained with more than 500 million practical snapshot samples consisting of different human races, age and gender, the practical comparison accuracy of Falcon HRS platform had already attained more than 98%, and its practical application outcomes had already been deployed and gotten many governments recognition over the last couple of years. 



Advanced big data computing architecture and system capability

KEDACOM Falcon HRS platform utilizes advanced big data computing architecture, and designed to be compatible with distributed computing or all-in-one servers. Therefore, with up to 500,000 accessibility of all-type cameras and up to 10,000,000 face comparison library supported, this platform is suitable to deployed in hierarchical or single scenarios in the city surveillance.



Real-time recognition and alarming of blacklist or unregistered personnel

Falcon HRS platform can be used and conduct human face and body tracking, detection, recognition, with real-time blacklist and unregistered-list alarming functions to greater efficiencies for location of wanted targets.



Accurate 1:1, 1:N, M:N facial searching

KEDACOM Falcon HRS platform provides 1:1/1:N/M:N facial searching by suspect picture, as well as semantic search by personnel attributes, which help city’s monitoring stations to actively conduct crime investigation and suspect screening or tracing.



Practical and effective E-map and big data analysis applications

Falcon HRS platform provides E-map applications like trajectory analysis and alarm linkage locating to efficiently track the suspects. Meanwhile, Falcon HRS platform correspondingly supports big data analysis functions, such as passing frequency and accompanying personnel analysis, to facilitate the police in the efficiencies of attaining clues and screening out suspect targets.