ITS Solutions


Here are three biggest challenges facing the public transportation globally: road safety, traffic congestion and environmental pollution. Among all these factors, road safety is the most serious issue as it directly relates to the safety of human life and property. The main causes of traffic accidents are calling while driving, speeding, running a red light and other country-based violations. On the other hand, statistics show that 58% of drivers and passengers involved in fatal crashes were unbuckled.


In most cases, traffic accidents can directly lead to traffic congestion. In addition, vehicles powered by fossil fuels are major contributors to air pollution, which can harm the environment and pose health risks.


Thus, in order to monitor road violations, improve the transport efficiency, ensure road safety, and control unnecessary environmental pollution caused by vehicles, it is neccessary to deploy an intelligent transportation system in your city.  



KEDACOM has advanced in incorporation of big data and artificial intelligence technology in the field of transportation.  To be better informed with the traffic situation, our ITS Solution can effectively monitor what happens on the road at all times. More importantly, it is able to detect any illegal acts or violations accurately and report back to the command center in real time.


According to our previous case studies, during the first phase of KEDACOM ITS solution applications, the average rate of traffic accidents had decreased by 30%, and the casualty rate caused by car accidents had decreased by 20%, not to mention the direct prevention on numerous economic losses. In these cases, Transportation Bureau of each city and their people can directly benefit from our Intelligent Transportation Solution. In fact, it is also one of the main factors in building a safer and smarter city.


 Full Coverage


In order to create a full system coverage among the city, KEDACOM deploys ANPR+ System at city’s entrance, highways, and main roads; E-police System at major crossroads and T-junctions; Illegal Parking Enforcement System in the surroundings of airports, hospitals, schools, train stations, stadiums and other public facilities constructions.



Various Illegal Acts Detection


The system supports automatic identification and detection of 12 different kinds of unlawful acts, and records the whole process to provide a strong evidence for penalty.



Independent Research and Development of AI Algorithm


With our own built-in AI algorithm, not only can it identify vehicle attributes, but it also can detect and analyze human face and behaviors. Overall, the recognition accuracy rate is at least 10% higher than the industry standard on average.



Vehicle Big Data Application


KEDACOM has applied vehicle big data analysis in criminal investigations. It can assist police officers to solve various public security and criminal cases quickly and effectively.