KEDACOM AIBOX, Speed Your Way Up towards Intelligence

2021-06-16 00:00  

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, intelligent products are increasingly popular. The new monitoring system has intelligent capabilities, however, there are much standard monitoring equipment on the market that applied very basic intelligence concept. It will demand a high cost and a long period of replacement process to achieve an AI technology upgrade.

Kedacom announced the "AIBOX series" to entirely resolve this issue by deploying AIBOX instead of replacement of equipment, undoubtedly achieving the modernization of normal monitoring systems. In addition, personalized enterprise level customization can be achieved according to various scenes to facilitate the intelligent creation of small and medium fields.


  • Powerful and rich algorithm

AIBOX uses an AI chip with 16 TOPS for superior on board computing capacity. Support a combination of human and vehicle recognition algorithms. It can achieve intelligent functions such as face capture comparison, vehicle identification analysis and the management requirements of small and medium-sized scenes. In the future, AIBOX will also launch more algorithms to enrich the identification detection of each scene.

  • Compatible, easy to transform

AIBOX supports the ONVIF / RTSP protocol, compatible with mainstream vendor camera on the market. An AIBOX supports full access of 8-channel or a 16-channel smart camera. By deploying AIBOX, you can instantly upgrade to an intelligent monitoring systems. 

  • Diversify application scenarios, customized services

AIBOX can perform personalized customization, meet the intelligent needs of different application scenarios according to customer requirements in different fields such as public safety, community, schools.


Safe City: Inspection Station Management, Street Management, Public Security Criminal Investigation

Smart Community: Vehicle access, stranger identification, garbage classification supervision

Park management: entrance and exit management, mask detection, smoking test

  • One-stop service

According to customer requirements, design demand, custom algorithm, optical design, algorithm hardware and speed,  application, delivery of the product, KEDACOM provides a one-stop service proposition to installation guidance, project delivery and facilitate customers in all fields to achieve their intelligence requirement.