Experiencing Outstanding Audio Effect with Brand New AI Microphone

2021-06-29 15:45  

KEDACOM’s new generation AI Digital Omnidrectional Microphone, equipped with APE3.0, a new audio processing engine. 

We are the pioneer of introducing deep learning algorithms in areas such as Sound Effect Processing, Echo Cancellation, Noise Suppression, etc., which fully optimize the audio experience of Video Conferences.

  • Natural Voice

KEDACOM’s new audio processing engine APE3.0 is adopted. Through AI technology, it fully presents real human voice, clear and stable.

  • Always be a Center Speaker

Intelligent AGC algorithm is adopted to automatically increase/decrease the collected sound according to the pickup distance ensuring the same sound effect of speakers at different locations of the conference room.

  • Echo Free Discussion

When discussion brought the meeting to a climax, the echo won’t disturb you as Intelligent AEC algorithm shields video conference echo even the both ends speaking at the same time.

  • Noise Free Environment

Intelligent algorithm automatically recognizes environmental noise such as the sound of air conditioning, keyboard, file holder etc. Perfectly suppress background sounds other than vocals to increase the efficient of communication.

  • 360° omnidirectional pickup, automatic tracking of speakers

360° precise pickup automatically tracking speakers through smart algorithms and the Pickup Indicator will turn on according to the direction of the speaker.

Don't worry, whoever is talking, the microphone knows.