Improving Security and Increasing Convenience in Access Control with KEDACOM

2021-08-05 14:42  

Set in a round, flat shape and elegant dark grey color, and embedded with enhanced features, KEDACOM new AI-based face recognition terminal adds security and convenience wherever it is needed.


The 8-inch LCD touchscreen of the terminal offers direct navigation and accessibility to help users operate much better and faster. Meanwhile, it is easy to clean and not impacted by dirt, rain or dust, making the terminal perfect to use even under extreme weather conditions.

Enhanced Features

Another recognizable part of the device is the ring-shaped fill light. Besides making the terminal more fashionable and memorable, the fill light will automatically turn on when there is not enough light at night to guarantee a quick and reliable face recognition.


The fill light is also functioning as an indicator light, meaning it can turn red or green based on the face comparison result, and guarantee that only authorized individuals will gain access in a fast and direct way. Moreover, it can recognize one’s face accurately even if you are wearing a mask.

We made the installation of the terminal more flexible to meet the diverse user needs.

It can be easily installed on a wall of your office for restrict access control, or associate with turnstile to manage the entrance of a manufactory. You may also discover it on a front desk when checking in a hotel.

Therefore, it is ideal to use for government buildings, offices, schools, hotels, manufactories or other businesses.