Kedacom Emergency Command System

2021-11-12 14:58  

Since the end of 2019, in response to emergencies such as natural disasters, fire rescue, security and stability, the government emergency management department has begun to vigorously build an emergency command system, requiring the provision of video conferencing, integration of video conferencing and surveillance, and mobile access to realize the integrated scheduling of various audio and video resources.


In order to actively respond to social development and market demand, Kedacom, as a professional solution provider of video conference and surveillance, Integrated and launched an emergency command system with profound technical and practical experience ,and it has been successively implemented in emergency management departments in many places across the country.

Kedacom emergency command system adopts comprehensive communication technology, integrates the video resources of public security, meteorology, water conservancy, natural resources and other departments at all levels, and vertically cascade with ministerial, provincial, municipal, and county levels to achieve cross-level comprehensive command.


System Structure

The system integrates various front-end and back-end equipment such as Video Conference, Video Surveillance, Digital Mesh, Shortwave/Ultra-shortwave, Fixed-line, Mobile , In-vehicles, Display Control, etc., to combine and realize the fast dispatch of various resources. It not only provides the functions required by practical missions, but also adopts the micro-service structure to provide instant messaging, location integration, and intelligent video operation and maintenance, which is more suitable for emergency practical applications.


Core Advantages

The system has super resource integration capabilities, which can integrate various audio and video resources of different manufacturers, types and protocols, including voice integration, video resource integration, conference resource integration, media communication integration, front-end equipment integration, mobile command, collaboration and integration, etc., all resources are under unified control, unified scheduling, and interconnection to achieve integrated communication.


Unified media, Open API

Different media protocols such as GB/T 28181, SIP/PSIP, and H.323 are unified providing standard media streams and signaling streams to facilitate the invocation of upper-layer services. At the same time, the system has open APIs, which can facilitate the docking with other emergency business systems to carry out more business.


Smooth Delayering Dispatch

For the problems of cross-regional, cross-level, and cross-departmental communication and command, and communication difficulties between subordinates, internal and external, front command and rear command centers, Kedacom Emergency Command System can provide delayering dispatch after integrating resources. Reduce the level of restrictions, Realize the flat scheduling of resources from superiors to subordinates, superiors to basic units, and superiors to any resources. It can respond quickly, accurately to rescue and collaborate efficiently in various emergency rescue scenarios.


Save Bandwidth

When there is Disaster, it often has poor networks. Using the Kedacom Emergency Command Box, various resources can be unified in the front command. The on-site command can be exchanged locally through the emergency command box to realize on-site image viewing. The audio and video resources transmitted are synthesized locally, using limited network bandwidth to achieve effective information transmission.


Strong integration of video scheduling and application, one-click adjustment

Kedacom utilizes professional audio and video technology and professional emergency command information system solutions to integrate video dispatch and emergency command applications to solve problems such as cumbersome dispatch operations and difficult coordination.

The system realizes the integration of big data through a map, and uses the map to combine the real-time position information of the movement to adjust various devices with one click on the map. At the same time, one-key integrated scheduling of multiple types of equipment can be realized through multiple selections on the map, and one-key scheduling can also be done through preset key.

Intelligent operation and closed-loop maintenance

The system provides unified management of resources, intelligent operation and maintenance. It can detect the status and picture quality of different brands, different types of conference terminals, and video surveillance equipment. It notifies the inspection results and remind faults in real time, and tracks fault work orders, provide overtime warning. With a good job of closed-loop maintenance, and maintain various equipment to ensure the availability of various equipment.