Take A Glimpse into KEDACOM’s High-altitude PTZ Series Camera

2021-12-06 11:17  

Ever since KEDACOM released its first heavy-load laser PTZ camera in 2016, a breakthrough in visual limitation of the distance of a PTZ camera has finally been achieved, launching a series of “High-altitude” PTZ cameras that can cover up to 10km large zone and operate to various scenarios deployment application.


The professional designed High-altitude PTZ cameras, embedded with advanced functions such as optical defog, thermal imaging, anti-vibration and stability Augmentation, can accumulate abundant video information for analysis usage. The footage, position, latitude and longitude had heightened the cameras to fit perfectly into various profession security solutions and meet the in-depth application needs of different industries.


KEDACOM’s High-altitude PTZ series camera can be integrated with different back-end platforms to form multiple solutions from general security projects to in-depth solution applications, including safe city solution, ITS, forest fire prevention and control, water conservancy, ports, docks, and other security applications.


General Security Applications

By connecting to NVR or other monitoring management platforms, the cameras can realize large-scale and ultra-long-distance monitoring through the back-end client.

Emergency Incident Management

Embedded with fire point monitoring and warning features, the high-altitude PTZ series camera can connect to the fire and rescue emergency command platform, and automatically upload video footage and the fire point location information. Thus, it can be contributory to fire prevention and control management. 

Safe City

Integrating the high-altitude PTZ series camera with the video comprehensive platform, human and vehicle big data analysis platform, command and dispatch platform, and the KGIS+ map with electronic compass can carry out large-scale urban security management visualized emergency command.


Integrating the high-altitude PTZ series camera with traffic management and control platform, vehicle big data & traffic big data analysis platform, and AR actual map to achieve road monitoring, traffic flow monitoring and visualized AR command.