KEDACOM Escorting Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-02-25 11:02  

The 2022 Winter Olympics officially kick off with the opening ceremony on February 4, and run through February 20 in Beijing, China.


While we celebrate the athletes, we also celebrate the advances in technology that make our lives better and safer. Guided by "High-tech Winter Olympics", more than 200 new technologies were eventually applied, providing strong supports for the “simple, safe and wonderful” Olympics.


KEDACOM is one of the providers that powered the transportation system of Zhangjiakou zone of Beijing Winter Olympics.

Escorting Olympic Lanes

Among the three divisions of Beijing Winter Olympics, one is quite a distance away from the other. KEDACOM’s 5G wireless Vehicle PTZ had been applied to ensure safer trips for athletes traveling in between Beijing and Zhangjiakou competition area.


With its excellent anti-vibration function and capability of working in complex network environment, the camera has overcome the challenges while bumping the way over rugged mountains, provided clear and stable panoramic image capture, and ensured smooth image transmission in real time. In addition to that, the system can broadcast the road situation and provide location information of vehicles for better commanding and dispatching.

Widely Used AI Ultra-lowlight System

KEDACOM has deployed 8 different types of traffic cameras in Zhangjiagang zones, including commanding height monitoring camera, ultra-lowlight camera, E-police, ultra-lowlight ANPR+ camera and other traffic cameras. Exclusively at the Chongli district and surrounding areas of Zhangjiagang city, KEDACOM has installed more than 200 ultra-lowlight E-police to help authorities ensure road safety and maintain discipline.

Thousands of KEDACOM traffic cameras have been deployed in downtown of the city, covering the intersections and public parking areas. Nearly 400 sets of AI ultra-lowlight E-police cameras have been installed on main roads. Embedded with KEDACOM’s original lowlight enhancement algorithm and innovative deep learning technology, the camera itself can precisely capture illegal driving behaviors at night. without any additional fill light installation. As a result, it can reduce light pollution to the best extent, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

(Image Effect of KEDACOM AI Ultra-lowlight E-police)

Build the Strongest Traffic Management System with 2 billion of Traffic Data


During the Winter Olympics, KEDACOM converged communication platform has integrated traffic resources of the city, in order to help authorities to improve the commanding and dispatching ability, especially when there is an emergency.


The platform has built a bridge to connect the main police department with local police stations at each district of the city. It also has aggregated nearly 40,000 channels of existing communication resources and integrated intelligence, direction, diligence and supervision all in one platform, to create a modern command mode and empower traffic law enforcement and management.

To be more specific, our converged communication platform can display the city map that included all traffic data captured from front-end cameras. Thus, authorities will be able to click on a specific location and check what’s happening in that area, making the command and dispatch operation much easier and faster. In addition, the platform can manage the traffic signal remotely, as well as update the traffic information to the public.

Based on the powerful data aggregation capability of the system, authorities can easily and quickly communicate with polices on duty and sub-stations from command center. It is especially helpful during emergency and rescue, when authorities need to learn the situation and give orders in time. .


Moreover, KEDACOM has also established an AR real scene command system for commanding height monitoring. It supports video retrieval, data display and information annotation, and ensure smooth traffic in the competition area.

“Together for a Shared Future.” As the official motto of Beijing Olympic Game says, we overcome global challenges as a community. When it comes to create safer living environment, KEDACOM never absent.