"Video Conference +" KEDACOM’s New Concept of Video Conferencing

2022-03-25 10:17  

In recent years, video conferencing has become an important part for internal and external communication and collaboration among organizations. Especially under the influence of COVID-19 epidemic, the application demand for video conferencing has grown exponentially, and now it has been playing a more and more important role in improving communication efficiency, saving travel costs, and reducing health risks for organizations and individuals.


At the same time, the rapid development of technology has also promoted the experience upgrading and application popularization of video conferencing. Audio and video coding technology has brought 4K@30fps ultra-clear conferencing capability. AI technology has brought a more realistic and intelligent applications. RTC and cloud computing technologies have promoted the popularization of large-scale conferences.


With the further application and popularization of video conferencing, companies or organizations have gradually become dissatisfied with the video conferencing system as a pure audio and video communication method. How to use the video conferencing system to boost the business and work processes of organizations, and ultimately create more valuable industry applications and benefits, will be the proposition that users and the industry actively explore in the next step.


With insight of market changes, after 18 years of technology accumulation and market exploration, KEDACOM has become one of the China leading video conferencing & surveillance product providers with a deep industry solutions development capability. After continuously focusing on the needs of customers in the government, enterprises and other industries, KEDACOM puts forward the concept of "video conference +", aiming at realizing the innovative integration of video conference and industry applications, and building a syncretic application experience.


KEDACOM“Video Conference+”solution is not only a single “face-to-face” conferencing solution. It takes the business needs of industry customers as the core, based on KEDACOM new-generation cloud video conferencing system, integrates or adapts various industry scenarios. And at end, various systems, equipment, personnel and other resources of the organization can form a set of innovative and efficient collaborative communication system to facilitate the customized application of video conferencing in various industries. For example, in the field of public safety, KEDACOM integrates multiple information resources such as urban surveillance, mobile devices, and public media through video conferencing for the command center to efficiently conduct emergency command and dispatch; in the education industry, KEDACOM uses video conferencing as the base to enable a online virtual classroom solution that can realize remote interactive teaching, so that students in different regions can share the same education resources; in the field of judicial review, KEDACOM has developed a variety of solutions for remote court trials, remote inquiries, online open courts, etc. Customized products and solutions assist the legal department to conduct case trials efficiently and maintain social order. In summary, through the continuous exploration of KEDACOM and its industry partners, rich solutions with distinctive industry characteristics has been produced and created high application values.

As the core of the "video conference +" solution, KEDACOM new generation cloud video conferencing system is an revolutionary upgrade of traditional video conferences. The system takes the cloud computing structure as the core to meet the characteristics of ultra-large scale, virtualized deployment, cloud dynamic resource management, cloud infrastructure, open integration, etc., and can be deployed in public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud to realize conference reservation , recording and live broadcast, IM, mobile access, whiteboard and collaboration, virtual conference room and other functions, so as to better adapt to the use scenarios and functional requirements of industry video conferences.


At the same time, KEDACOM can provide "cloud, screen, and endpoint" end-to-end video conferencing products and solutions, to match the diversified scenario applications and user experiences.


Jedi Cloud carrier-grade software cloud platform, Movision public cloud platform, with new RTC cloud architecture, flexible to deploy and expand, can access all types of endpoints such as hardware endpoints, mobile endpoints, Web endpoints, and SIP endpoints.

The brand-new Zen Series KEDACOM Meeting Board, supports 4K Ultra-HD, smart audio pickup and efficient collaboration. At the same time, it also supports industry scenario customization to quickly realize professional video conferencing experience. 

Various series of video conferencing endpoint, with professional audio and video coding capabilities up to 4K UHD resolution and H.265 encoding, can flexibly cover user's large, medium and small conference room scenarios via the deployment of rack-mount endpoint, all-in-one endpoint, desktop endpoint, mobile endpoint.

NexVision series telepresence solution, a turn-key solution with deep integration of Ultra-HD video conferencing and efficient collaboration, providing an immersive audio-visual experience to meet the overall construction of user conference rooms need.

KEDACOM adheres to an open and scalable technical architecture, relying on complete SDK and API interoperability, and full technical support, providing convenient ways for industry application integration, to help both customers and partners with customized services. Under the concept of “Video Conference +,” we will join hands and enter the new era of video conferencing.