KEDACOM Ensuring Better Safety and Security for Addis Ababa City

2022-03-31 10:00  

Addis Ababa is Ethiopia’s capital. While hosting large percent of the urban population of Ethiopia, the city represents serious social challenges with its rapid population increase.

Aimed at tackling the challenges regarding people’s safety, traffic management and social stability, KEDACOM elite team works with the city’s authorities to gain a deep and detailed understanding of what they needed exactly, such as what kinds of security issues they were dealing with, how they operated and what they wanted to achieve.


Ultimately, KEDACOM developed a Safe City project plan and deployed the first phase safeguarding two squares in downtown, Addis Ababa. Later, we expanded the coverage into other typical places of the city. At this point, we have implemented more advanced products and solutions that would deliver far better security, help create a peaceful and prosperous city, and make the capital city a good model for the rest to follow.


A Variety of Different Front-end Devices

At this stage, more than 1,200 security cameras have been installed to expand CCTV coverage and enhance public security management capabilities of the city, involving public security management, vehicle management, personnel management, transportation, etc.


In order to gain full awareness and situation control for the city, KEDACOM 360° Panoramic Camera is installed at urban commanding heights to providing a clear view of the city without blockage. Meanwhile, KEDACOM has applied Speed Dome and Bullet Camera at each intersection of the roads or an area with a maximum interval of 200 meters, monitoring traffic situation in real time. Mobile equipment such as Body Worn Camera, Vehicle PTZ and UAV, are being applied to law enforcement personnel for security patrol, crisis management and other similar scenarios use.

Security is always a critical talking point for certain institutions that have to regularly cater to different types of visitors. In this case, KEDACOM recognitive cameras are being installed at the surroundings of major institutions and important areas in the city, such as around Ministry of Defense, the Federal Police Headquarters, African Union, Financial District, Airport Road, Market and Main Street etc.


Eventually, by incorporating a variety of different cameras, audiovisual data can be acquired and upload to command center in real time, to achieve a unified security management.


Stable and Reliable Monitoring Platforms

In this phase of the Safe City project, KEDACOM supported the access and management of 2,500 new and existing surveillance front-ends, and provided a range of application systems, including video analytics, big data, real-time and emergency response, storage, network, video surveillance operation and maintenance management system, etc.


With stable and reliable data management capability, those systems will not only make more effective use of the audiovisual resources from security cameras, but more importantly, enable the city government and police department to identify people and vehicles, and better protect their citizens from traffic accidents, crimes, terrorist attacks to natural disasters.


Diversified Data Display

KEDACOM has established ultra-pitch LED video walls to the command centers of Addis Ababa city, providing comprehensive, convenient and fast multimedia information display services to the city authorities. By integrating big data visualization technology with multiple statistically analyzed resources, all collected data can be displayed through various forms such as holographic file, GIS map, AR tag, and other dynamic charts. Overall, the command centers have brought an intuitive user interaction experience to the city authorities, and greatly improved their work efficiency, especially in dealing with emergency situations.

Through the innovative implementations of the Safe City project, Addis Ababa city authorities, along with KEDACOM, dedicate to create a secure, peaceful and prosperous city where residents could enjoy their metropolis, tourism would be on the rise, so as the business.


Up to now, KEDACOM has successfully established more than 900 safe city projects worldwide, such as Xiamen Safe City Project in China, Phuket Island Smart Checkpoint in Thailand, etc.