Fuel Theft Prevention Solution for Petrol Stations of Czech Republic and Slovakia

2022-04-28 14:24  

As global gas prices are soaring to record highs, petrol stations have experienced more fuel thefts so far this year than all of 2021. According to studies, some stations face two or three gasoline thefts a week at a cost of approximately 100 dollars per incident.


Aiming to prevent drive-off gas thefts and keep the employees and customers safe, ORLEN Unipetrol, owner of hundreds of petrol stations on the Czech and Slovak markets, worked with KEDACOM and its Distributor PROFIComms to establish a security solution which drastically minimalized such incidents.


Following up with a five-year construction project plan, more than 2,000 KEDACOM IR Bullet and Semi Dome Cameras have been installed at Benzina gas stations across the country, including the stations located in Czech’s capital city Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava and other major cities in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

(KEDACOM IR Bullet Cameras are deployed at Benzina gas stations)

(KEDACOM Semi Dome Cameras are deployed inside convenient stores of Benzina gas stations)

In addition, KEDACOM NVRs and vStation platform have been applied to help achieve unified security and management of the petrol stations. Overall, the system is very easy to operate, allowing users to access remotely, and it can be expanded and modified to meet the rapidly changing needs of the company in the future, for example, upgrading the system to achieve vehicle license plate recognition.


Protecting Premises and Minimalizing Crimes

Since there is limited number of employees at most of the Benzina’s station and in charge of the convenience store, gas filling and car wash business, the stations are often seen as an easy target for various types of criminal activities. KEDACOM security cameras support 24/7 continuous video recording. Meanwhile, the cameras can capture and upload images to the back-end platform automatically using FTP. Thus, when dealing with crimes such as gas drive-offs and robbery, petrol station manager will be able to obtain clear video footages of the suspect vehicle’s license plate number, as well as the driver’s face, and provide a copy of those photos to local police officers for investigation. It can save an incredible amount of money and time for both the managers and officers.


(A snapshot of video footages from KEDACOM IR Bullet Camera)


Embedded with motion detection, guard line, regional intrusion and other basic intelligences features, our cameras can detect any abnormal activities or suspicious behaviors in surrounding areas and report them to the central platform in real time. Yet no false alarms will be made on other moving subjects, such as animals, falling leaves, waving flags etc.


Marketing Research

Another benefit for implementing such system is to allow petrol station managers to optimize their market planning via vehicle counting in the future. By determining the correct number of vehicles as they enter and exit at each petrol station, the manager can establish an analytics marketing strategy and take appropriate actions.