KEDACOM Escorting Boao Forum Asia for 19 Consecutive Years

2022-05-19 15:59  

2022 Boao Forum for Asia Held as Scheduled in April. This is the 19th time that Kedacom has taken part in.


Facing the pressure of both epidemic prevention and control and forum security, Kedacom uses technologies such as converged communication, 5G, 4K, AI, etc., and complete the security tasks perfectly.

Visual Command

Converged communication, access to 20,000+ resources


For intuitive, real-time understanding of on-site security, Kedacom has built an integrated communication dispatching platform at Boao Command Center, which is able to access to 20,000 channels of audio and video resources from multiple manufacturers and types, and visually display the data on the big screen of the command center.


It realized key security areas and offshore air patrols, at the same time, the platform also accesses security business data, offering real-time alerts when key persons and vehicles appear, and thus improving command and dispatch response speed.


Security Video Conference Communication

4K, a guarantee of experience and security


Kedacom has set up 16 security points including command centers and checkpoints, and deployed 4K video conferencing system. By adopting end-to-end encryption algorithm, the company guaranteed security units a high-frequency, high-demand video conference work.

Security Inspection of Key Areas

AI ultra-low light, helping all-weather AI intelligence inspection


Kedacom set four checkpoints around the forum to build up the first line of defense for forum security. Having AI ultra-low light traffic camera deployed to enable clear image capture of people and vehicles even under low-light conditions.

Guard Vehicle Security

5G, high-definition image transmission on-site


On vehicles and temporary duty stations, Kedacom has set up nearly 100 sets of 5G vehicle PTZ cameras, which can provide high-definition image transmission to the command center, including live situation around vehicles and temporary control points.


At the same time, the 5G vehicle PTZ camera can also intelligently identify key persons and vehicles. It is convenient for the command center to conduct research and analysis, and Ensure the smooth participation of forum participants.

Since the second session, Kedacom has participated in the security for 19 consecutive years. From standard definition video conference to 4K video conference, from manually staring at monitoring points to visual command and dispatch, and from 4G vehicle image transmission to 5G intelligent control. Kedacom continues to upgrade and improve the forum security system.

In the future, Kedacom will continue to accompany with Boao to make sure a safe environment for all the participants.