Stay Covered, KEDACOM Providing Fast and Effective Response to Our Clients

2022-06-20 13:49  

We are pleased to announce that KEDACOM has signed a three-year maintenance contract under the intelligent transportation system project contract with a major city of the gulf countries.


The ITS project contract, which was registered in 2017, covers all the city’s traffic roads to help promote safe driving behaviors while making roads smarter and more efficient. Four years later, the city authorities have decided to add a service and maintenance contract with KEDACOM to assure the products and systems maintain maximum performance.

Under the contract, KEDACOM will provide three critical components of maintenance and support, including onsite service support, hardware support and OCR technology and software support to ensure the operational readiness of the existing project. We will also provide training sessions for our clients on how to operate the LPR equipment and software throughout the maintenance period.


In addition, KEDACOM delivers qualified and expert engineer response to call-outs 24/7, ensuring the system is always working to its best ability. For example, our clients will be informed immediately when new types of vehicle plate is discovered during daily checks, and the system will upgrade the data to the plate category within 14 working days, making sure that the recognition capability always remain at 98%. Meanwhile, our high-trained engineers will ensure the system to achieve 99% average detection rate per two time slots under ideal conditions and agreed criteria.

KEDACOM always believes that high customer satisfaction leads to greater customer retention and a stronger brand reputation. Thus, we strive to help our clients--both before and after using our products and services--have an easy and enjoyable experience with our company.