KEDACOM Helping South Korea’s Fire Services Improve Emergency Responses

2022-07-13 13:58  

Since 2016, KEDACOM vehicle PTZ cameras have been applied to more than 70% of fire centers of South Korea cities such as Gangwon, Gyungbuk and Choongnam. KEDACOM has built an excellent reputation in the country, as the cameras have been accompanying firefighters to fulfill their missions, and bridge them with command centers at all times. 

(KBS, one of the leading South Korea’s television broadcasters, reported how KEDACOM’s vehicle PTZ camera has been very helpful in handling a major fire incident in Gyungbuk.)


This year, another high performing fire service in South Korea has signed a contract with KEDACOM. Being the third-most-populous city of the country, Incheon city government has set high-technology public safety as a top priority. However, as to its fire departments, field firefighters could only transmit information orally over the phone to officials in the control room. As a result, time is wasted and it becomes difficult for officials to make effective decisions.


The situation must change.


Clear and Stable Image Transmission in All Situations

With built-in functions of anti-vibration and waterproof, KEDACOM Vehicle PTZ Camera can always present a clear and stable 360° rotated video recording in all-weather environment. In addition, utilizing network adaptation technology, the camera can make ultra-low latency video transmission even in a complex network environment. The camera is also compatible with third-party software and platforms through ONVIF protocol.

Rapid and Effective Emergency Response

When it comes to fire and rescue, the top priority is ensuring the safety of the responding firefighters and civilians involved in. Thus, it is crucial to get accurate and reliable video data in real time for rapid effective emergency responses.


Having KEDACOM Vehicle PTZ Camera mounted on the roof of fire trucks and connected with the headquarter of Incheon fire departments, officials in command center will not only be able to learn what happens on site in real time, but also to adjust the camera’s angle remotely and precisely from their workstation, in order to gain deeper insight into the situation, and make effective decisions accordingly.

Being an important part of mobile solutions, KEDACOM Vehicle PTZ Camera has been deployed on various types of vehicles, serving for different purposes worldwide, such as Dubai’s school bus project, Thailand’s police vehicle project, etc., and winning applause of the clients for its excellent product performance and stable image transmission.