ISAF2017- KEDACOM Technologies Gaining Extensive Attention

2017-09-18 14:24  


On 14th Sep, The ISAF 2017 exhibition was held in Istanbul expo center, KEDACOM was invited to participate in this big show. Among over 1000 companies, KEDACOM perfectly presented to audience our technologies, passion as well as our efforts made to security video surveillance industry.


Turkey has a special geographic location and border security strategy. It is among the Middle East region's strongest military forces, and in the construction service of national defense they spare no effort.





The main purpose of this exhibition is to show and let more clients to know our newest products and how KEDACOM integrate our cutting-edge technologies and solutions to help clients create a more secured surrounding environment. The solutions and systems showed during the exhibition are very diversified including Mobile solutions, Face recognition, Long distance camera, etc.





As the key partner and the client of KEDACOM, the representative of Turkish Army has deployed KEDACOM border security solution and approved these for monitoring and securing 200km of border perimeter. Thus, they visited KEDACOM’s booth at the event to know more about up-to-date products and solutions, they were impressed by our new border solution which cameras with longer shooting distance and the new thermal imaging cameras will make border security much more efficient.


The Police Force were quite interested in intelligent solution which are embedded with algorithms that enable recognitive functionality. They showed interests in face recognition which called Falcon Human Recognition System by KEDACOM. It can capture suspect photos in public area and matches them simultaneously from one million times blacklist database, it can be applied to cracking criminals on major roads, public crowded area where human-filtering request is strictly imposed by public security.





KEDACOM mobile solution also attracted Police Force Department. With the development of 3G/4G and latest Wireless Transmission Technology, this solution integrates the policemen, police cars and UAV into one system, real-time full records can be uploaded by policemen.

Depending on the client’s needs, we launched the next generation of vehicle NVR on this showwhich is a more professional device saving time and manpower that makes this solution very suitable for their police force usage. KEDACOM received a lot positive feedback from visitors during this event, we absolutely present to the visitors our perfect way of achieving “Recognitive, Mobile, Integrated” at ISAF 2017.