A Valuable Safety Consultation Place in ITCN, Pakistan

2017-09-20 14:38  


On September 19th to 21st, The 17th ITCN Asia 2017, the largest ever exhibition and conference for IT and Telecommunications in Pakistan, is being organized at the Expo Centre in Karachi. KEDACOM have also take part in the show and introduced our solutions to the audience, to the country and wish to make the local security environment better with our solutions.




During the exhibition, the government agents are interested in our products such as Falcon Human Recognition System and Mobile solution and had a meaningful chat with our staffs. By deep learning technology and one million times profile database, Falcon is able to accurately compare the human face captured in the camera with huge database and trigger alarm once the face matched with the blacklist photos. While our Mobile solutions are able to integrate the whole command system and efficiently improve security with 3G/4G and Wireless Transmission Technology​.





The exhibition last for three days and we believe it will be a very meaningful three days for us. With integrated, mobile and wireless, KEDACOM brings intelligent and efficient security to you and keep safe and happiness along with your side.