KEDACOM performed a perfect video security for Qingdao summit

2018-06-15 20:56  

Qingdao Summit was held on 9th – 10th June 2018. Leaders and important guests from Shanghai cooperation organization, United Nations, other countries and international organizations were gathered here having a discussion about border security and country development plans. KEDACOM was honored to take part in the summit as the main video surveillance and security unit in charge and built a video command system with Qingdao as the main area at the same time covered the whole Shandong Province, while AI front-ends at important security sites such as command centers, security entrances, and all the cars used for this event. On the other hand, a command system was also built up for the Public Security Department of Shandong Province which is able to complement with the command network of the Qingdao Summit to create a powerful video security.



As an experienced video surveillance professional, KEDACOM was appointed as the chief integrator and took the responsibility for building up the video command system. 50 security elites team has been set up on 25th Dec 2017 for early investing in project planning, design, installation and commissioning and through more than 100 days’ hard working, the video command network was complete and it covered a total of 38 command centers and hundreds of command points to better ensure the Safety of the summit.




During the summit period, leaders from the central ministries and the Shandong province party committee came to the site to inspect on the work progress and were satisfied by the work efficiency and arrangements of KEDACOM team.


KEDACOM applied 5.0 cloud video series products, Ultra fine-pitch LED screen, NexVision, video command and other products for the network to achieve complete resource integration and visualization for the Ministry of Public Security department, the provincial office, the summit site, the Hotel for guests and also 38 main command centers including border and airports.


Security Emergency Headquarters


By using video conference terminal and 4K cameras, KEDACOM incorporated hundreds of command points such as traffic police checkpoints and security checkpoints into the video command system, so that the system network covered not only the Ministry of Public Security department and the provincial offices but also cities, districts and counties and each checkpoints so that it is possible to simultaneously share resources from all command points of the province, Huanlu and Huanqing Checkpoints.


In addition to the video conference resources, the video command system built has also been incorporated into the video surveillance resources of Qingdao. The commander can directly monitor and understand the situation of Qingdao and 16 cities around through large screens so that they are able to handle any emergencies quickly and efficiently.


Kedacom LED Display System in Command Centre


Strong surveillance for Key locations

While the build up of the video command system, KEDACOM also undertakes the installation of security monitoring systems for important sites and points.


KEDACOM checkpoint camera at the Hotel security entrance


KEDACOM HD IR Mini Semi Dome Cameras are placed at all the command points each, Speed Dome Cameras are placed at 38 command centers while Checkpoint cameras recording all the movement of personnel at hotels, summit site and entrance of all the command headquarters and accurately distinguish suspects.


Better security with mobile solution

In order to ensure the safety of participants, all the cars are equipped with KEDACOM mobile police and law enforcement recorder to upload real-time status of the team to the command center so that to better ensure security of all the important guests through real-time monitoring.


KEDACOM law enforcement recorder protected Putin’s car during the summit


From the participation of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games video conference system, various communications services of the Shanghai World Expo, the HD surveillance and video conference at the Suzhou World Table Tennis Championships, to the build up of a comprehensive security system at the Xiamen BRIC Conference, KEDACOM have been through a lot and become an experienced company to deal with important international events and security. And this time, again KEDACOM did a great job and helped to create a secured and perfect summit.