The First Step to Go, The Brighter Future Awaits

2018-08-17 18:17  

The economy of Vietnam is growing rapidly through industrialdevelopments in manufacturing, Semiconductor and technology, as the GDP in 2017 increased by 6.8%.


However, despite fast investments and developments of the country, the public safety has alwaysbeen a serious issue throughout years. A strong and reliable public video surveillance system or safe city solutions are required to protect the assets and interests of the country.



As a professional video surveillance company and solution provider, Kedacom has a full set of safe city solutions regarding to different uses of video surveillance system.


Secutech Vietnam provided a great opportunity for Vietnamese to have a better understanding of what Kedacom is able to do and how we do it right.


During the exhibition, Kedacom introduced our products and solutions such as Mobile solution, Long range and Falcon system to all visitors. Our mobile solution has attracted more comers by its key functions such as two-way communications and real-time monitoring.



Kedacom Falcon system, also known as facial recognition system, has become another major attraction to visitors. Along with our unique deep learning algorithm, this system uses the camera to capture one’s facial and body features and store the images to the big data platform. Moreover, it can compare those auto-collected images to the blacklist database. Once those images are accurately matched, Falcon will trigger the alarm immediately.


Since it is also necessary to consider external factors when dealing with security issues, Kedacom showcased our long range cameras at the exhibition. The camera providesa clear vision of monitoring in maximum range of 15km at daytime and it mainly designed for border security purpose.


In addition, other kinds of professional and commercial cameras are also introduced during the exhibition for situations like enterprise, shopping mall etc.


Vietnam is a country with huge potential in video surveillance market, and it will be our honor to make efforts and work together with Vietnam and step forward to a secured and bright future.