Falcon Big Data Platform: Nominated and Awarded Best in All

2018-09-03 11:30  

As the saying goes, "Attitude decides everything, strength defends dignity. "  With cutting-edge technologies and the primary mission of creating a secured society, Once again Kedacom Falcon system has proved its external recognition for leadership in AI world.


Compliance: Kedacom, Dahua, Hikvision     Functionality: Kedacom, Yisa, Hikvision     Applicability: Kedacom, Yisa, Huawei                 

Technicality: Kedacom, Huawei, Yisa          Security: Kedacom, Hikvision, Huawei         Feasibility: kedacom. Hikvision, Yisa 

Innovation: Kedacom, Huawei, Yisa            Reliability: Kedacom, Hikvision, Huawei    Recognizability:Kedacom, Huawei, Hikvision      


On August 29, 2018, at “AI Security Innovative Application Evaluation” Event held by Asmag, Kedacom Falcon big data platform was awarded the No.1 spot in Compliance, Functionality, Applicability, Technicality, Security, Feasibility, Recognizability, Innovation, Reliability, a total of 9 awards among 10.  At this point, KEDACOM made a big step ahead of most of the competitors such as Huawei, Hikvision and Dahua.


After all the strict panel and detailed competition scoring process, Kedacom, by its AI security strength, ability of solving critical problems, and potentiality of future development, has successfully convinced members of the voting committee and received numerous compliments from more than 100 experts.



Organic Integration with Data, Algorithm & Computing

Data, algorithm and computing are the three driving forces of Artificial Intelligence development. In order to enhance AI practicality and effectiveness, Kedacom has integrated those three elements, and then by the mean of other actual elements including hardware, application and solution, Kedacom uses the platform to combine into an all in one complete system.


In data, Kedacom Falcon system experiments with tens of millions of actual samples that collected from five different scenes (airport, train station, subway, bus station, and major roads), in order to achieve a high accuracy of data analysis and easy adaptability to the real world.


In algorithm, Falcon system integrates its own algorithm, including face detection algorithm, facial recognition algorithm, human tracking algorithm, facial and human attribute analysis algorithm, target searching algorithm, quick match algorithm and more.


In computing, Falcon system adopts high-performance GPU, on the basis of deep learning and big data analysis, it is able to build increased intelligence to the application development.



From front-end input to back-end application, Kedacom Falcon system always complies its intention in innovating and solving critical problems to meet our clients’ needs.


At the final debate in the afternoon of August 29, Mr. Chen, our Chief Director of Technical Support Department, introduced numbers of innovative applications of Falcon system to the selection committee. For example, the system is used in conjunction with various CCTV cameras including ordinary surveillance cameras, body worn cameras and more.


More importantly, Falcon is engaged not only on Facial recognition, but also on full body and panoramic image recognition. Therefore, Falcon system is able to identify and classify each subject by checking on one’s image taken from the back. When collaborating with mobile solution, Falcon can generate an alarm system in order to help police officers to take actions in questioning, investigation and capturing of suspects.



Falcon integrates human recognition analysis, Multi-engine static identification, and large-scale data retrieval in seconds, large-scale time and space analysis all in one system. At the same time, it meets the standard of Image and Video Library, and supports networking applications such as cross-region alert, deploy and control, retrieval and more. Thus, Falcon absolutely fulfills the requirements up to city-level and nation-level use.


Today, Falcon system is deployed in more than 400 judicial and law enforcement agencies, uncovered more than 25 hundreds cases, and pre-alerted over 35 thousand key figures for the sake of public security.


Mr. Chen stated that as the “eye and brain” of security, Kedacom Falcon has gradually become the centre of AI application in all fields. It played a significant role in several of Kedacom solutions.


In safe city solutions, Falcon is used for criminal detection, anti-terrorism and comprehensive management. In ITS solution, it participates in fine traffic management. In smart community solution, it can analysis and manage the actual population within the community. Moreover, in smart judicature, smart campus, smart architecture and more, Kedacom falcon always devotes itself to promise a greater security to our society.