Make Your Conferences or Classes More Effective with KEDACOM

2018-09-18 17:42  

On September 12, 2018, KEDACOM Product Launch was held in Ballroom, Marco Polo Ortigas, Philippines. Our brand new Video Conference and Education Solution series attracted more than 200 participants to attend the event together with KEDACOM, including local government units, government agencies, consultants and big SIs. Neotech Asia, our local distributor and a loyal friend, had provided a full support during the event.




Our new Video Conference Solution range include SKY100, MOON, and MCU series. SKY100 is a highly functional and fashionable set-top HD video conferencing terminal made for small meeting room use, it brings you perfect true life video conferencing experience with integrated camera and built-in microphone. It can be easily deployed either TV mount or wall mount with complementary brackets. The highly versatile and compatible MOON Camera supports PELCO-D/PELCO-P, and VISCA. With advanced new ZigBee technology, it provides more accurate, 360 ° control, further distance remote control up to 20 meters. Integrated OLED screen, display output format.


KEDACOM introduced MCU series that has all-in-one, built-in GK, proxy with simple configuration and deployment. With no requirement for separate firewall traversal equipment, it is able to provide extreme convenience for complex network environment. 3 level cascading for large conference up to more than 200,000 can be accessed at the same time.



Education solution series, as the name implies, is specifically designed for classrooms and learning sessions. Different from traditional Dual Camera Tracking, the lecturer-tracking E-PTZ camera is embedded with high-performance image processing module and intelligent tracking algorithm based on people movement, to better track independently and record the whole session automatically. Less devices, simple installation and more intelligent.  Another part of this solution is our remote interactive lecture recorder, which has high integrity and reliability, and Auto CP& Directing to work as an all-in-one terminal for remote video communication and lecture recording& broadcasting which enables real-time interaction. With the help of video conference solution, interactive learning, remote teaching are conveniently achieved.  




In the end of the session, we once again reminded every participant about KEDACOM key products and solutions, such as Falcon System, Mobile Solution and new commercial POE NVR series. Those truly made their attendance of this event more meaningful and fruitful.


Creating a safer public environment and a better society is not an easy task but KEDACOM is always on the move.