KEDACOM AI NVR, Could It Become the “Killer” to VMS?

2018-09-27 04:23  

As technologies go, artificial intelligence, once been the nourishment for science fiction writers, is no longer a myth. Today, AI and its deep learning algorithm are gradually dominating the market in every aspect. While other players in the security industry still see AI as a tool for company growth, KEDACOM aims to bring AI application to the next level.


On September 25, 2018, KEDACOM participated in Security Essen, Germany. With all visitors walking in our booth with anticipations, KEDACOM top engineers and sales were there able to provide information and answer questions.




In term of the real world development, as the slogan ”AI for all, and more” indicates, KEDACOM reconsidered AI as a strategic technology for market segmentation, and then carved out a niche for products and solutions.


“AI For all” means for all kinds of markets and customers. In today’s fast-paced global economy, KEDACOM is one of the only vendors that truly connected with its customers. The company provides the best solutions regardless of whether they are large-scale manufactures or small retail stores.


At Security Essen, KEDACOM showcased few of our significant solutions. Besides general introduction of our Safe city solution and Mobile solution as we always distributed in previous exhibitions. Since this is the first time KEDACOM stepped in Essen, we have brought a brand new AI NVR specifically for our European friends and costumers. At this point, simplification has been central to our approach.




Based on a deep understanding the pain point for our European clients, KEDACOM introduced a simple but elegant NVR to growing businesses use, such as medium size manufactories, school, hotels, supermarkets and more. Growing companies who look for security management, Video management system may be considered too complicated and over their budgets. Instead, KEDACOM AI NVR is the perfect replacement. It can be easily deployed by anyone following the instruction manual. More importantly, this beautiful device, work with all types of cameras, enables security managers to in charge of everything within the monitoring areas, as the result, to improve the decision-making process and protect their people and assets.


Another attractive point of AI NVR is its low maintenance rate and after sale policy. KEDACOM can proudly call this device a “trouble-free” product since it causes nearly no troubles to users after the installation. On the other hand, whenever there is a problem with the products, simply by contacting KEDACOM customer service, we will replace with a new AI NVR for our loyal customers. Thus, our clients can get a consistent, reliable, cost-effective, and secure experiences for all with AI NVR.




At KEDACOM, no matter what size or field your business is, as long as you are thinking about security investment, we have the right solutions to help you to greater achieve your goal.