Together, ISAF Connects Everyone to Move Forward

2018-10-20 21:06  

As Eurasia’s largest sectoral event , ISAF was held on 11 Oct 2018 at Istanbul Expo Center. KEDACOM and our local distributor, Garanti Hayat, participated the show and present our cutting-edge products and new solutions.


Remote interactive lecture & recording solution was first introduced this time. Different from the surveillance solutions, this E-learning solution is closer to the video conferencing solution to better enhance and share the technology for advanced superior educational resource. This system can be deployed in any regular classroom to generate digital multi-media record comprising lecturer’s tuition, board-writing, multi-media teaching material and interactive process between lecturer and students. 




Because of its geography location, the border security is one of the major issues for both turkey government and its citizens. As always, we exhibited our border solution during the show. Built-in laser and Starlight technologies ensure capturing good quality videos during both day and night conditions from kilometers away and as the system supports RAID technology, it gains capacity for larger storage. The whole solution is not only about gaining situational awareness of areas but also links all the system as a whole end-end solution so that it can work smoothly to increase the work efficiency from another aspect.



After years of operation and applications, video surveillance solutions and measures have become an indispensable part of today's society. Therefore KEDACOM will always be here and through constantly improve and upgrade ourselves to make greater contributions to this society and contribute to the safety of the people.