AI + Big Data = X | Kedacom in Progress

2018-10-27 00:05  

On October 23-26, 2018, the 14th China International Exhibition on Public safety and Security, or “Security China 2018” for short, is held in China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. In the theme of “AI + Big Data = X”, Kedacom puts our own spin onto the topic, and creates an exhibition show in a competitive niche.




Since 2017, Kedacom has been using “Security and AI” strategy to further apply AI in various products and solutions. Today, Kedacom is proudly announcing that we have established an end-to-end circle of AI front-end cameras, big data platform and solutions.




At Security China 2018, Kedacom has presented abundant AI human and vehicle recognition products on site, including human and vehicle recognition camera, starlight camera, multispectral PTZ camera, Mini 4G Vehicle NVR System, 4G Vehicle NVR, UAV and more.




Within the monitoring range, those front-end cameras target all human and vehicles, meanwhile process a structured analysis under any situations. For examples, under a traffic status recording scenario, while screening every moment on the road, Kedacom intelligent camera will automatically analyze all targets, and immediately send a report back to the command center if anyone who violated the traffic regulation. Such as a driver is not wearing a safety belt, or calling while behind the wheel.



Big Data

Based on computing ability of cloud storage, cloud computing and deep learning, and keeping big data analysis as the central task, Kedacom applies video big data into actual practices of human, vehicle and traffic. On the other hand, by combing fine-pitch LED screen, display control platform and command center system, Kedacom creates a unique and integrated cyberspace for display, control and deployment.




Hundreds of billions data can be analyzed in seconds via vehicle big data system, the accuracy of vehicle recognition, including car color, brand, and plate number identification, is up to 98 percent. Meanwhile, Kedacom Intelligent Operation & Maintenance and video security system was shown to the public for the first time, guarantee the safety of video big data.


AI + Big Data = X 

X, the 24th letter of the alphabet, carries various meanings. In mathematics, X is commonly used as the name for an independent variable or unknown value. Maps and other images sometimes use an X to label a specific location, leading to the expression “X marks the spot”. For Kedacom, X represents the unknowns AI values that we are persistently digging into.



Kedacom human recognition system integrates AI front-end cameras and big data analysis, adds on intelligent map and cases library mode, and creates a more powerful and greater functioning system, called Falcon system. This system recognizes human faces at real-time, tells gender, age range and even ethnic groups, and distinguishes colors and textures of what people wearing. In addition, it also provides historical search about certain faces. Therefore, Falcon system can be applied to human flow control and public security management.



Moreover, along with our image detection system and traffic big data system, Kedacom vehicle big data system can provide a perfect safe city and ITS solutions to our customers.


Human and vehicle analysis can also be down by Kedacom AI NVR. Yet due to its simplicity, economic efficiency, and fulfillments in human and vehicle recognition. AI NVR would be the best choice for small and medium business such as hotel, factory, school and mall. At the end, Kedacom AI NVR can help protecting people and assets.



Today, Kedacom has successfully contributed more than 800 safe cities worldwide, over 500 ITS solutions, and applied in more than 200 intelligent prisons. As a company full of potentials, Kedacom will continue surprise our loyal and new customers with innovative products and solutions in near future.