Captured 30 Suspects within 6 Days, KEDACOM Guarding CIIE

2018-11-15 17:06  

The first China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held between November 5 and 10 in 2018 in National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. Being a security hard core of national events and activities, this time KEDACOM played an important role as a "superintendent" especially at the checkpoints entering Shanghai airports / train stations / toll way.


Integrated with AR, AI, visualized command, big data, cloud and other latest technologies, KEDACOM assisted Suzhou traffic polices to build a "smart city shield". 


Faced with the problem of how to comprehensively manage and control the heavy traffic flow entering Shanghai during the exhibition, KEDACOM has established a visualized command dispatching system at Huaqiao Checkpoint within a month as required. This system is able to connect with front-end products including normal cameras of all manufacturers and brands, body worn cameras, facial recognition access control and other intelligent cameras. In addition, mining into big data, the integrated system data analysis platforms of human big data, vehicle big data and video/image analysis. Thus, the police department can easily master the overall situation and analyze details via the visualized command dispatching system.  



By using Augmented Reality technology and KEDACOM fine-pitch LED screen displays, dispatching the visualized command system without any integration of information data “Plug & Play KVM and information feeding” for the display of instant deployed video and image, data of passing vehicles, human data and alarm data.



To better prepare for the traffic flow entering Shanghai during the exhibition, KEDACOM constructed recognition cameras within distances from Huaqiao Checkpoint. As the result, with any vehicles passing through the checkpoint, the data of the driver and all passengers inside the car will be unified and displayed to the command center. At the same time, the system will automatically proceed a data analysis, and keep eyes on suspicious vehicles and personnel at any moments.



KEDACOM not only has built intelligent cameras in some priority areas, but also equipped the security team with body worn cameras and body worn surveillance phones. According to news reports, with assistance of KEDACOM front-end cameras, police officers has successfully captured nearly 30 wanted man in the police blacklist database and key wanted personnel of the pass 10 years during the six exhibition days.



Through KEDACOM NexVision and conferencing terminals, KEDACOM has accomplished a complete network connecting the checkpoint stations all the way up to China’s Ministry of Public Security. The network provides security authorities a full access to all police departments and police resources. Therefore, in dealing with emergency cases, authorities can quickly call for a meeting or dispatch remotely. On the other hand, KEDACOM technical staff also devoted themselves to provide 24 hours on-site protection during the exhibition, and ensure zero failure on techniques and equipment.



In WWII 70th Anniversary Military Parade, G20 Summit, the BRICs conference, 19th National People’s Congress, SCO Summit and other important national and international events, KEDACOM is there to fulfill our mission for safer environment, and to better protect the city and its people.