You Can Expect Big With KEDACOM at AOIP

2018-11-23 15:13  

As face detection and recognition that came into wide acceptance in recent years, buyer’s behavior in Russia has also changed towards IP camera features. There is a trend to install higher resolution cameras among Russia business people, and requirements of human recognition products have moved to a new level of accuracy.


On November 21-23, the 11th International Business Forum All-Over-IP (AOIP 2018) is held in Sokolniki Expo in Moscow, Russia. Always been a manufacturer about the technical possibilities of the future, KEDACOM is here on the ground and ready to present more details on our fantastic products and solutions to customers from Russia and other countries. Therefore, going into this event, you can expect big.



Mobile solution

Mobile solution display is the classic spectacle of KEDACOM at any exhibitions. Products such as body worn cameras or body worn surveillance phones are now essential to any modern police departments or security companies. KEDACOM brings that cutting-edge technology closer to the mainstream. Our vehicle NVR can be deployed for use with 4G and wireless network. In addition, with its powerful shockproof function and accessible to body worn camera, it can ensure a real-time audio and video interaction between related peripheral units and command center, and ensure excellent video stability for streaming and superior image quality. Therefore, KEDACOM mobile solution can assist police officers or security personnel to accomplish their missions under all kinds of situations.




Mainly made for commercial use such as hotels, supermarkets, casinos and other business purposes, KEDACOM AI NVR will likely steal the show this time. The product is one piece design yet still makes great achievement, especially to small and medium business owners. Besides general data storage function, AI NVR supports black/whitelist comparison, and realizes face recognition feature working with front-end cameras. Another key advantage of this product is its easy deployment and use. Any amateurs can install it themselves, and get going without helps from a professional.



ITS Cameras

Another highlighted product is the maintenance-free ITS camera, which can recognize various car brands, colors and types, and identifies license plate of all nations. In this case, KEDACOM can provide customized service to our clients based on their special needs.



Recognitive Cameras and Vehicle PTZ Cameras

As the boom in popularity of human and vehicle recognition cameras increased, KEDACOM cameras will certainly have a presence at the show and will go a long toward realizing the mass-market potential. Our recognitive camera delivers distinct images with much better contrast. With its IK10 and IP76 explosion-proof function, vehicle PTZ camera can be installed in various car types such as bus, taxi, and armored car.



With KEDACOM being one of the most reliable providers of security products and solutions via its public praise, you will not be disappointed to our showcase at AOIP. And just bear in mind, the best stuff is often what’s unexpected, so be prepared for more excitements when you come.