AI 2.0, Brings You a New Experience with Optimized System

2018-11-29 13:36  

Kedacom and our local distributor, HST, participated in the ICT Cairo fire and safety show at Cairo International exhibition center at Egypt.



As a country with Long history of culture, Tourism is one of the most important sectors in Egypt's economy and 12% of the local workforce are used for it. As many foreign tourists visit the country, security and safety become an issue. Therefore, our brand new Falcon 2.0 review itself during the show. As the better version of the Falcon 1.0, it supports BWC live facial recognition as a strong back-end and through improvement of the deep learning algorithm, it recognizes facial features even for blur images.



Education of future talents is always the key for growth and development of a country. The question is, how to improve the school system and create a better learning environment for teenagers? Kedacom provides our answer by introducing remote interactive lecture & recording solution to rest of the world. As a new application of our cutting-edge technology with diversified functions, it catches many attentions not only through its unique outfit but also the special applications.


Besides that, video conference system also played a significant role at ICT. By displaying both Sky100 and VC cameras, connecting them and communicating through the screens, Kedacom showcases the integrated functionality and design concept of our understanding in video conferencing field.



For countries with large population, it is necessary to control the traffic, especially during big events or at crowded places like schools and factories. As a new integrated back-end system, Kedacom AI NVR along with V-station is introduced to the visitors at this time. V-Station is able to integrate views from different types of the cameras to customized UI, while AI NVR runs facial recognition through all the cameras including in the UI. Furthermore, it supports people counting system to get a number to better control the crowd while white list system helps to ensure that no strangers are allowed to enter any specific areas or facilities.