Security system upgraded for the HQ of Voyager Innovation

2018-12-28 09:13  

Voyager Innovations Inc., is the leading technology company in the Philippines focused on developing customer-centric emerging market platforms in the areas of digital payments, digital finance, and marketing technologies and power the digital economy in growth markets. As a professional surveillance solution provider, KEDACOM was chosen to work with Voyager for the  security project of their HQ office buildings.


KEDACOM VMS platform is used for the integrated management with its embedded Linux and PLR (Packet Lost Recovery) while a few hundreds of PTZ, Dome and Bullets cameras such as IPC421, IPC2252 and IPC 2411 were set at different locations of the building. As KEDACOM CU client enables an integration of all the captured image and video sources, it works as unified management software with stable storage from IPSAN. Most importantly, it is scalable.



KEDACOM IPSAN provides larger storage and faster writing speed. With redundant power design, so that it prevents the system from sudden power destruction and also helps in preventing data lost. In addition, it supports video data storage up to 180 days. And for Single VMS, it supports 1000ch and is able to add extra IPSAN for storage expansion.



Since the whole installation of our security system been completed on January 2018, the whole solution is perfectly stable and fits into the system. It helps the company to create a safer environment for its valuables and staff.