As The Evolution Continuous

2019-01-22 13:56  

Kedacom is participating in Dubai Intersec 2019 and ready to impress the public with our brand new products and features.


Kedacom has received great compliments at the previous show last year. At this time, we strive to present another exceptional performance in order to meet the high expectations of our old friends and attract new clients.



Data visualization system has revealed itself at the show. This powerful platform integrate data from a variety sources into useful information in one single system. It helps to manage the growing complexity of the information, streamlining these connections, and making it easy for the end user to monitor and improve day to day operations. The solution has drew a lot of attention and successfully wowed the crowd with its capabilities.



Furthermore, brand new Falcon 2.0 and AI NVR were introduced to Dubai at the event. Falcon 2.0, as an upgrade version, inherit all the advantages of its predecessor including deep learning algorithm yet with more featured applications. It supports human recognition on not only cameras but also BWCs and Gantries for high population density places and scenarios. While AI NVR as our new enterprise use platform to integrate visions and information from different camera sources such as PTZ, Fisheye etc., to work as an easier monitoring interface.



To welcome your 2019 with more secured environments, with brand new features, with KEDACOM.