KEDACOM AI NVR, Empowers Small and Medium Enterprises

2019-02-28 18:18  

In today’s business environment, a better surveillance system can be very helpful to take your business further. Yet we know that many small and medium enterprises (SME) are struggling with security problems.


Specific challenges that SME often facing:


> Pre-alarm function not included in security system

> Unauthorized access to restricted areas

> Lack of awareness regarding surveillance video deployment & management

> Can’t retrace one’s path when needed

> Smart search disabled


For business owners who are thinking of installing a security system, yet discovered most of the systems are too expensive and complicated to small and medium enterprises, KEDACOM can now help achieve that with our newly invested AI NVR.


Different than traditional security management system which requires several core devices and servers to work together, KEDACOM using AI technology to compress all needed functions into one-piece designed NVR, and thereby establish a perfect and integrated video surveillance management system to business owners.


In addition to that, compare to many other surveillance companies which solely embedded face recognition into a NVR and so call it “AI NVR”, KEDACOM redesigned NVR system structure to the next level. By it means, it not only provides a high accuracy of face identification and comparison, but also supports vehicle recognition. Thus, KEDACOM AI NVR is able to carefully monitor, identify and respond to any abnormal activities quickly.


It can be applied to various scenarios including government agency, banking, community, casino, shopping mall, hotel, retail store and many other small and medium enterprises. To our clients, KEDACOM AI NVR is more than just a security management system, it provides a greater user experience and improves their work efficiency effectively.


Main features of KEDACOM AI NVR below:  


1. Integration

KEDACOM AI NVR can combine with ordinary surveillance cameras and recognitive cameras to provide an integrated video surveillance management system to business owners. Since the system supports human face recognition (up to 1,000 people) and license plate recognition (up to 300 vehicles) at the access control, it is able to lock out majority of security risks at one company’s entrance gate.


2. Blacklist & Whitelist Detection

While recognitive cameras loyally snapshot and identify all comers and vehicles that entered in monitored zones, KEDACOM AI NVR system will automatically compare all snapshot pictures to its built-in black/whitelist. Based on the comparison result, the system will then either remind the authorized personnel to welcome their VIP/VVIP customers, or alert the security department to keep an eye on the suspicious person or vehicle. Overall, this function is extremely useful for restricted area control. Any abnormal activities or unauthorized intrusions will immediately trigger an alarm to notify the authority.


3. Smart Search

This is definitely one of the most comprehensive features using KEDACOM AI NVR system. Search by Image and Event Search functions enable users check result via Vstaton on PC, or via Vsee Pro on smartphone. Simply upload pictures and click on ‘search’, the result will pop up in seconds with the highest comparison rate.


4. Trace Tracking

Trace tracking function will precisely record and export all related tracking data to the authorized personnel. It especially focuses on the real track of visitors who are neither in blacklist nor whitelist, and record the entire path info such as locations, time and other detailed data while passing through the monitored areas.


5. Deep Learning Algorithm

Well-trained by billions of experimental and actual samples, KEDACOM self-developed deep learning algorithm can achieve a high accuracy of real-time alarm, face detection and static face recognition, and it costs nothing for upgrading.


6. Sensitive Alarm System

KEDACOM AI NVR alarm system is sensitive, yet mainly on human behaviors. It can automatically distinguish whether it's a human or an animal passing through the monitored zones, and send the alerts only when human intrusion happened.


7. Affordable and Easy Installation

While having a complete surveillance system is expensive in general, you can now choose KEDACOM AI NVR instead. This one-piece designed device can make a great achievement at a very reasonable cost. And the installation is simple. It doesn’t require a highly trained professionals, any amateurs can install it themselves following the instruction.


8. Expandability

As your business grows in size over the years, you may consider to expand the security system as well. KEDACOM AI NVR is well prepared with its powerful extending capabilities.


9. Increasing Competition Strength

Last but not least, a greater surveillance system can overall encourage a greater collaboration and increased productivity. Working along with front-end cameras, KEDACOM AI NVR is able to collect personal data of one’s appearance and outfits, and track his/her traces in monitored zone. Thus, it can help business owners to better understand their customer’s behavior and figure out the right market strategy to retain existing customers.


So far KEDACOM has successfully helped numerous industries to upgrade their security system to the next level. Please contact us for more information.