Innovative Breakthrough for Security Market in Russia

2019-03-20 16:45  

On March 19-22, 2019, KEDACOM is participating in Securika Moscow held in Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow. Continuously focusing on AI technology application, this time at the exhibition, KEDACOM brought our end-to-end security solutions to impress international customers of how AI can be a potent tool in the hands of security professionals.



The market for AI technologies is flourishing, so is in security industry. In recent years, several domestic security brands in Russia have strived to bring the AI concept into their products and software. Yet with certain achievements, there are still struggles. In fact, many security industries in Russia can only accomplish video transmissions from ordinary IP cameras to its back-end platform, and the entire process is so called security “solution”.


On the contrary, for KEDACOM, a complete security solution means an integrated system combining AI cameras with AI-based platform. KEDACOM has always been engineering new ways to incorporate AI in various security products and solutions. Hence, with our total solutions, not only less network storage space is required, but more importantly, a higher accuracy rate of face and vehicle recognition can be achieved.



Embedded with AI-based deep learning algorithms, KEDACOM recognitive camera can automatically adjust the image exposure accordingly, to make sure the best quality of image is captured. As a result, the identification accuracy rate of our products is relatively higher than those currently in Russia market.


Exclusively for small and medium business owners, KEDACOM will provide a nearly perfect solution combined AI camera and AI NVR, only with extended features yet at a lower cost. The system can identify and analyze not only physical and facial features, but specific human behaviors that could raise a red flag, such as climbing over the perimeter wall or break into an unauthorized area.



On the other hand, with KEDACOM access control device and AI NVR combined, KEDACOM can create an access control management to meet our clients’ needs. Simply place one AI NVR in the control room and access control device at the entrance, some of significant security risks will be locked out. 



Please come visit us at booth number B451 for the next two days exhibition, or follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for updates about our latest products and solutions.