Newer is Better: KEDACOM Made a Great First Impression to Mexico

2019-05-10 21:11  

 On May 7-9, 2019, KEDACOM participated in Expo Seguridad Mexico (ESM), the leading security event in Latin America that brings together qualified buyers with exhibitors, to introduce our latest innovations of products and solutions.



Seeking of developing new business relationships within the country and globally, KEDACOM present itself at ESM for the first time, and surely made a great impression to all visitors at the exhibition.



In Mexico, the security situation has always been a major concern to its citizens and travelers. Especially, in comparison of many first-world crime rates, crime in Mexico remains at high levels, and the rates of apprehension and conviction remain low. Mexico polices, companies, and communities are interested in developing and establishing a better security program.


Mobile solution, as one of the KEDACOM star programs, with its novel appearance of products and technological advancement, become a major attraction to attendees at the exhibition. It can be applied within law enforcement, security patrol, crisis management, covert monitoring and other similar scenarios.



AI technology application has always been a main focus to KEDACOM. Our newly invented AI NVR is mainly made for small and medium-sized enterprises use. Integrated with recognitive cameras or ordinary surveillance cameras, KEDACOM AI NVR system will help our clients solve majority of security and management problems.



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