Be Different, Showtime for KEDACOM Exceptional iNVR

2019-06-20 05:25  

As a frequent exhibitor at security trade shows around the world, on June 18, 2019, besides showcasing our featured products and solutions, this time KEDACOM is introducing our newly invented Border Collie iNVR at IFSEC London.



It has surely drawn attentions to attendees at the exhibition. Visitors are impressed with its different and targeted application services in various scenarios, including banking, casinos, retail stores, communities, office buildings and more.


On the other hand, different than other ordinary AI NVR that solely applies face recognition technology and solves only security problems at a time, KEDACOM Border Collie iNVR, embedded with INTEL CPU and OpenViNO technology, and powerful deep learning algorithm, aims to bridge the gap between security and management for commercial needs.


Collaborating with KEDACOM human and vehicle recognition cameras, door access control, fish eye, and other surveillance cameras, this small ingenious device are able to provide VIP customer recognition and unwelcome guest identification, entrance access control, restricted area control, human intrusion detection, perimeter protection, people counting analysis and other needed functions accordingly for successful business operations.



Besides, our System Customization function lets users set preferences for how information is organized or displayed. Thus, it will enhance over all user experience. At the exhibition, KEDACOM lets visitors to experience the flexible display by themselves. The simplicity and convenience of the system has received great compliments from our clients.


Another “Try it on”section on the stage is our swing turnstile along with our access control device. The process is simple: First, our human recognition camera will capture images of a visitor and input it to the system library. And then, let the visitor walk through the turnstile and the result will be shown immediately. It provides a great experience to visitors of how the face recognition system works in reality.



As Border Collie iNVR system specialized in small and medium business, KEDACOM also devoted itself in safe city projects and national border security. With human and vehicle big data application, our system is able to capture and identify each subject in details such as size, type, color and other needed data, and provide distinctive and accurate analysis.


In addition, KEDACOM PTZ cameras can provide panoramic views, which are necessary components for safe city project, and ensure a national border security to countries and regions.



As always, KEDACOM Mobile law enforcement and vehicle management solutions are the star programs showcased in the exhibition. In recent years, public security has gradually become one of the major issues in the UK. Integrated several industry-leading security products, such as law enforcement body worn cameras, vehicle (ship) video recorders, drones, and the command centers, KEDACOM Mobile Solutions are always prepared in dealing with the increasing security challenges.



The world is full of potentials.

Choose KEDACOM, choose a different and better way to grow your business.