Efficiency is The Key towards Future

2019-08-15 14:58  

Nowadays, AI has penetrated into almost every corner of our life. Likewise new AI cameras and deep learning technologies are introduced every year in surveillance industry. Powerful but complicated features have been presented all over the market. Different views, interfaces and features usually make things massy and cause inefficiency.


Therefore, how to make the integration and management easier becomes a major issue that everyone cares aside from powerful AI cameras and fancy features.



During Secutech Vietnam exhibition, KEDACOM Border collie iNVR and visualization dashboard were proudly introduced as two integrated systems and platforms. With integration of AI cameras, this exceptional iNVR is able to provide needed functions accordingly for successful business operations including face and vehicle recognition, time attendance, restricted area control and more.



As KEDACOM star series, Falcon facial human recognition system and mobile AI solutions are certainly gathering the crowds, with their unique appearances and outstanding features.


A great man once said: inefficient work is no different than wasting time. Be efficient and make yourself a better future.