CPSE 2019, AI in Action

2019-10-29 19:20  

On October 28-31, 2019, CPSE is held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. We would take this great opportunity to showcase our achievements of AI in the real-world practice, and present our understanding and prospects of AI applications.



While Artificial Intelligence isn’t a new concept, we move further into Actual Intelligence. As the theme of “AI in Action” indicates, KEDACOM has been embracing the potential of AI in various domains, and striving to maximize AI ability in public security.



Front-end Products

KEDACOM has presented various newly released front-end products on site at CPSE. You won’t want to miss our AI Ultra-lowlight ANPR camera, with our deep learning technology and advanced image enhancement algorithm, the camera can provide distinct images even under low illumination environment.



As the deployment of the 5G network is expanding gradually, KEDACOM’s mobile products has also upgraded to a new level. Our vehicle PTZ camera now enables 5G all network, and even off-line human face and vehicle comparison can be easily accomplished.



For the closed environment management, Border Collie iNVR enables users to customize their own system application based on their needs. It is best fits to different scenarios such as bank, retail store, casino and other small and medium sized enterprises.



In addition, KEDACOM showcased different kinds of access control terminals. Besides human face verification and vehicle identification, the camera can also be used for employee attendance checking, visitor counting and other practical applications.




Falcon Human Recognition Platform

Concentrated on actual practice in public security and applied with big data technology, KEDACOM Falcon 2.0 correlates criminal case archives with human big data and vehicle big data. Thus, the process of investigation can become much easier and police work efficiency can be greatly improved.


Overall, KEDACOM products and solutions can be applied to all kinds of business fields, from public safety, traffic control, power supply, emergency management, to commercial uses.