KEDACOM Takes Part in Controlling Coronavirus Outbreak in China

2020-02-12 18:31  

In order to fight with the Coronavirus, as a video technology company, we are doing what we can to help in controlling the outbreak. 


Medical Supply and Treatment is one of the most important parts during this outbreak, KEDACOM provides products, technologies and personnel security for several local Health Commissions, Hospitals, CDCs in total of eight provinces. As Huoshenshan hospital is now officially putting in use, KEDACOM did quick coordination for the deployment of video conferencing equipment for both Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals. On-site medical conditions and progress can be reported to the relevant department in no time.


(Huoshenshan Hospital)


From 22nd January onwards, PLA General Hospital has successively carried out remote training on epidemic prevention and control technology to more than 100 hospitals through the telemedicine information network. Until 30th January, it has trained more than 20,000 medical staff.



(PLA General Hospital remote training)


After the outbreak, Hebei, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Anhui, Ningxia, Hainan, Gansu and other 8 provinces successively carried out new coronavirus prevention and control training and epidemic situation control communication through the telemedicine service platform constructed by KEDACOM.



(Gansu Provincial Hospital of TMC telemedicine center & remote training)


During the epidemic, according to the requirements of the Suzhou Health and Medical Commission, KEDACOM urgently set up a remote diagnosis and treatment system and dispatched personnel to provide on-site security services. On 8th January, Mr. Li Yaping, the Mayor of Suzhou, Deputy Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, came to the remote consultation center, and expressed his sincere gratitude and high respect to the people on the frontline of the epidemic through the remote diagnosis and treatment system and the video connection.


(The Mayor greeting the front line medical staff through remote diagnosis system and video conference)


In addition, there are dozens of city health committees and medical institutions in Shanxi, Tianjin, Xinjiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hubei and other provinces carried out remote diagnosis and treatment training and outbreak control communication through KEDACOM telemedicine platform and video conference system.


(Health Committees and Medical Institutions having remote diagnosis and treatment training with KEDACOM system)


Video surveillance is also an important means of epidemic control. On 23rd January, KEDACOM received a demand from the designated prevention and treatment hospital in Liuzhou city. KEDACOM helped to install and adjust surveillance cameras and system in the shortest time to ensure the normal development of epidemic prevention.


(KEDACOM staff is installing cameras in Liuzhou city)


On the other hand, through emergency command, video conference and video surveillance, KEDACOM also provides command dispatch, traffic control and on-site security services for public security and traffic management departments across the country. As Wuhan is the key prevention and control area, KEDACOM coordinated relevant personnel to provide 24-hour on-site service for Hubei Provincial Public Security Department, Wuhan Public Security Bureau, Wuhan Traffic Management Bureau and other units.


(Hubei Provincial Public Security Department)


On the evening of 27th January, after receiving the requirements of the Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau for the development of the epidemic prevention and inspection app, KEDACOM organized and coordinated the R & D personnel and the app was officially launched in the early morning of 29th Jan and was quickly applied to the epidemic prevention and inspection work in Suzhou. It was used to register the entrances to all high-way checkpoints in the city, enabling automatic registration of vehicles and personnel coming to Suzhou, ensuring safety and traffic efficiency.


(high-way checkpoint registration)


On 28th January, in response to the epidemic prevention needs of Jiangyin City Public Security Bureau, KEDACOM urgently allocated materials such as video conferences, body worn cameras, etc. to help customers build a command and dispatch system. As of now, KEDACOM has provided emergency products or personnel protection services for public security in Fujian, Xinjiang, Chongqing and other provinces, as well as Nanning, Xiamen, Hohhot, Shaoxing and other places.


In addition, during the epidemic, KEDACOM safe cities and other systems have continued to play a role in maintaining social order and combating crime. Recently, through the KEDACOM Falcon, a number of suspects wearing masks have been captured in many places. It is reminded that laws and regulations should be observed at all times.


Also, in order to reduce person-to-person communication and reduce the possibility of virus transmission, on 27th January, KEDACOM online video communication brand was announced free during the period of the epidemic, and provided free video communication services to the people of the country for any number of times. As of 1st February, the system has opened more than 5,000 new conference accounts for free, providing daily communication and home office services for tens of thousands of people.