KEDACOM Smart Classroom Refresh Online Class Experience in Tsinghua, Zhejiang and Shanghai Jiaotong Universities

2020-04-02 09:38  

On Feb 2020, Tsinghua University started teaching schedule through online sessions using KEDACOM Smart Classroom. Today, 100 smart classrooms have helped Zhejiang University to start their full courses; at the same time, 37 smart classrooms at Shanghai Jiao Tong University have also been use for the lectures. KEDACOM Smart Classroom is helping more colleges and universities to achieve professionalism, high-quality online classes, and teachers do not need to change their teaching habits in classroom, and the students’ class experience will not be affected at all.


KEDACOM Smart Classrooms in local universities


KEDACOM helped many elite schools to start their online teaching


On February 17, Tsinghua University, the top academic institution, took the lead to start their lessons during the outbreak period. 37 KEDACOM Smart Classrooms broadcast more than 40 Tsinghua courses within a week.


Following Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University also started online courses on February 24 as scheduled. In response to Zhejiang University's requirement of classes, KEDACOM needs to deploy 100 smart classrooms within a week. During the urgent construction period, KEDACOM efficiently coordinated equipment and technical staff, smoothly put them into use on the day of the class, ensuring high quality online sessions for nearly 5,000 students.


Teachers in Zhejiang University conducts lecture through Smart Classroom


In addition, 37 smart classrooms constructed by KEDACOM at Shanghai Jiao Tong University have also been put into trial lectures. At the same time, smart classrooms have been deployed for nearly 50 colleges and universities in the country to help the practical advancement of maintaining “suspended class, ongoing learning”. With professional audio and video equipment and technology, it brings a high-quality online classroom experience to both teachers and students, and brings more possibilities for education.


Smart classroom becomes live broadcasting room, teacher and student enjoy two-way high quality experience


KEDACOM Smart Classroom, based on a unified platform and one host + two cameras deployed in the classroom, provides users with four basic applications of normal direct recording and broadcasting, remote interaction, electronic examination room, and teaching supervision.


Smart Classroom equipment deployment


The online direct recording and broadcasting application of the smart classroom in the outbreak period has brought a good teaching experience to both teachers and students:


For teachers, they can teach in a familiar environment, no need to change the teaching habits, restore the sense of presence; KEDACOM's self-developed EPTZ teacher tracking camera can achieve a smooth and natural tracking effect, the teacher can walk freely in between; smart classroom’s Auto Directing function, which means the host can automatically switch screens to meet the personalized needs of teachers of different subjects on the recording screen; the U disk recording function, teachers can edit and upload to the learning platform for students to watch.


EPTZ tracking


For students, through mobile phones or PC browsers, you can see clear and smooth close-up of blackboard, close-up of teacher, and panoramic views of the podium at the same time. Students can also choose to watch the screens according to their own learning habits; they can also record and broadcast simultaneously during online live broadcast, it is also available for students to play back and learn repeatedly.


Smart Classroom single screen mode


Smart Classroom double screen mode


Multipurpose Smart classroom, covering comprehensive educational needs

Online teaching is a special need during this epidemic situation. However, it is also the time we facing the whole new development and innovation in educational reform. KEDACOM smart classroom is not only providing high-quality direct recording classroom, but also more exploration in different learning methods using information technology.


It can also achieve normalized recording and construction of school resource database, remote multi-party discussion, standardized test rooms, teaching supervision, interview, integrated surveillance, etc. One smart classroom support multipurpose , covering the comprehensive educational video communication needs of “teaching, learning and management”.



In the process of future education reform, whether it is to teach students according to their aptitude, improve classroom efficiency or optimize education supply, KEDACOM's smart classroom solution will serve the new education ecosystem based on high-quality teaching experience.


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