Panoramic, Super Definition & Covert - A Better Video Camera in Shanghai Metro

2020-06-04 14:20  

As metro systems have become the most preferred transportation systems in the metropolises around the world, concerns over passenger safety and security remain high.



Putting cameras on subway trains may increase the security level and keep passengers safe. However, the real question is – which kind of surveillance camera should we use?


Here is an answer to it from Shanghai Metro – having KEDACOM Fisheye Camera deployed in subway cars to perfectly fulfill the needs of panoramic view, high definition, real-time video transmission and more.



Most subway cars are between 19 and 22 meters in length. Install only three KEDACOM fisheye cameras in each subway car and the problem of full coverage is solved. The flat shape of fisheye camera makes it easy to hide in the ceiling, yet still provide a full coverage of the whole scenario. The cost of camera installation and maintenance is much lower as it required fewer cameras to be installed.


A diagram of fisheye camera installation, establishes a full coverage through four-screen synthesis mode


On the contrary, the same subway car may require having 6 to 9 semi dome cameras deployed to establish the full coverage. As a result, not only the cost will be far more exorbitant, metro station passengers will be forced to tolerate the existence of the fully exposed and odd looking cameras on their ride.


Installation Comparison of semi dome camera and fisheye camera


Panoramic Monitoring and 4K Video Effect

KEDACOM fisheye camera uses a 12M pixel sensor and with resolution up to 4K. Thus, even in the four-picture synthesis mode, the resolution of each image is no less than that of a single high-definition semi dome camera. And through its built-in EPTZ function, metro station authorities can easily concentrate on the hot spots monitoring of the subway car, such as the door, aisle, seats etc.


Built-in EPTZ for adjusting camera angles


Aesthetic and Covert  

The appearance of the fisheye camera is customized taking into account the particularity of the subway car space. It can be embedded in the ceiling of the subway car, making it a part of the subway. In addition to improve the surveillance efficiency, it also helps create a more comfort and friendly riding environment for passengers.