3rd Generation Recognitive Camera

2020-06-08 16:30  

In 2014, KEDACOM Recognitive Camera was launched, it helped push the application of Artificial Intelligence. After iterative innovation, recently, KEDACOM 3rd Generation Recognitive Camera was designed.


It has not only rich hardware form, but also great improvement in computing. At the same time, the deep learning algorithm model is optimized, which brings stronger capabilities. The 3rd Generation Recognitive Camera can simultaneously perform human, vehicle and full-structured analysis with higher recognition accuracy, stronger scene adaptability and most importantly achieved AI popularization.



The third-generation Recognitive camera can detect 100+ faces simultaneously in each frame when performing crowd density recognition



It can also achieve full structured analysis based on 4K ultra high definition, with more than 30 attributes of motor vehicle, non-motor vehicle, and human recognition.



The human checkpoint series support real-time comparison and alarm control. It can achieve up to 50000+ portrait library control, serving key security areas with transportation hubs, densely populated people, and high mobility.



In addition to conventional vehicle types, the vehicle checkpoint series can detect 11 types of motor, non-motor and human targets.



The trinocular camera in the full structure series takes into account both panorama and close-up, bringing an ultra-wide field of view of 10 meters + to meet the needs of people and vehicles in multiple scenes. (* General 4K camera coverage width is between 5-6 meters)



The third-generation Recognitive camera category includes personnel checkpoint, vehicle checkpoint, fully structured, micro checkpoint, etc., and has a wide range of scenarios to meet the needs of various types of customers.