KEDACOM – AInnovation Strategic Cooperative Partnership Implementing AI in More Areas

2020-08-17 14:50  

On August 13, 2020, KEDACOM and AInnovation formally reached a strategic cooperation to jointly promote the implementation of artificial intelligence technology in manufacturing, finance, retail, and public services. President of KEDACOM Mr. Donggen Chen, and CEO of AInnovation Mr. Hui Xu signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.


(Signing ceremony between KEDACOM and AInnovation)

AInnovation is an AI subsidiary of Sinovation Ventures. As a fast-growing artificial intelligence commercialization company, AInnovation aims at fulfilling the intelligent transformation needs of manufacturing, finance, retail, and public services, and delivering AI-related and user-friendly products and solutions. At the signing ceremony, Mr. Hui Xu, CEO of AInnovation said, “With a two-wheel drive model of ‘technology & products’ + ‘industry scenarios’, AInnovation has established full-stack AI solutions in many fields. Along with KEDACOM’s rich software and hardware product lines and public industries accumulation, I believe that the cooperation between the two parties will be able to apply AI to more areas.”

(President and CEO of of Sinovation Ventures Kai-Fu Lee at the meeting)


KEDACOM is a leading provider of video surveillance products and services. In recent years, KEDACOM has pragmatically promoted its AI strategy and launched a series of practical AI products and solutions, and has established strong customer bases and industrial practical experiences in the fields of Intelligent transportation and public safety. President of KEDACOM Mr. Donggen Chen said, “The long-term goal of our AI strategy is to promote AI practice in real world. Through the trinity of technology, products, and solutions, we have built the cornerstone to achieve this goal. And this is also what KEDACOM and AInnovation have in common. Besides, the complementarity of the two parties in the industry has provided a broad space for this cooperation. I believe that the two parties' joint efforts will surely promote the application of AI to more industry scenarios."

(President of KEDACOM Chen Donggen visiting AInnovation Exhibition Hall)


After the signing ceremony, representatives from both sides had more in-depth communication. Mr. Kai-Fu Lee, president and CEO of of Sinovation Ventures also attended the signing ceremony.

(Group photo of representatives from both sides)