KEDACOM Launched New Generation Human Recognition System - Falcon 3.0 Practical Application Platform

2020-08-27 17:21  

Improved performance are boosting practical outcomes of safe city management


While the concept of safe city has drawn more attention globally in recent years, with lack of Intelligent utilization and management, having ten thouands of surveillance cameras installed in a city may leave massive unstructured video data. Thus, how to effectively use video data to identify and locate the key targets has become the primary concern of city governors.



Taking the self-developed deep learning human recognition algorithm as the core, and with the supportive big data platform architecture, KEDACOM Falcon 3.0 Practical Application Platform can realize the human face and body recognition. Furthermore, since our Falcon system integrates human face search, E-map and big data application, it can help transform your traditional surveillance systems to intelligent video analysis application platforms, and generate more daily management outcomes.


Upgraded to new algorithm engine and system architecture, the new generation of Falcon 3.0 platform will offer a better user experience, and more practical functions of personnel control. Indeed, it shows remarkable practical business values: 


Core Algorithm Improvement

Falcon 3.0 platform allows up to 500,000 accessibilities of full-type cameras, including ordinary city surveillance camera, police mobile vehicle PTZ camera and body worn camera, ITS ANPR checkpoint camera, and intelligent human recognition cameras, all of which can be provided by KEDACOM as end-to-end solution; Meanwhile, it supports intelligent analysis of up to 4K resolution, in spite of the video stream from ordinary cameras, picture stream from intelligent cameras, or from offline video clips; At the same time, it supports more relaxed face pose requirements, and 300+ faces can be detected in one frame. With such improvements, Falcon 3.0 platform can adapt to more practical application scenarios.



Improved Practical Performances

Falcon 3.0 platform has expanded the recognition of more face and body attributes first released in industry, such as hairstyle, clothing style, etc. As a practice, multidimensional clues from attribute association screening are realized, which helped the city government quickly locate 6 crime suspects within a week.



Upgraded E-map Application and Big Data Analysis

Falcon 3.0 platform has realized more practical applications, such as unregistered personnel arming, regional hovering target analysis, accompanying target analysis, which helps our clients conduct intelligent and active protection of top important campuses.




Customized Data Visualization Dashboard

With this unified display of regional personnel control dynamics, Falcon 3.0 platform can help governments identify key suspects and prevent them from entering the city. By doing this, the system helps city governments set up a smart checkpoint, and overall enhance security management of city.



Till now, KEDACOM Falcon 3.0 platform has been deployed in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and other regions, helping our clients track down crime suspects and other threatening factors, and improve their practical personnel control capabilities in safe city management.