Brand new experience, KEDACOM integrated Smart Touchscreen Terminal SKY D510i

2020-09-21 16:25  

KEDACOM launched Smart Touch Terminal SKY D510i. It can realize desktop communication and remote collaboration in the office. It can also realize meetings and attendance in specific places such as duty rooms. By touch screen operation, you can quickly create a conference, participate in a conference, and conduct document collaboration with each other, etc.


Simultaneously-working Dual camera for view and paper documents


In daily remote office collaboration, paper information is difficult to communicate in time and effectively. In a video conference, paper documents cannot be shared at the same time. In response to these problems, SKY D510i made an attempt.



"This product is composed of two cameras, divided into a main camera and a document camera. The two cameras can capture images at the same time, sharing paper documents in real time during a meeting. The entire operation process is very simple. During the video conference, select "Share" and click "Document Projection" to quickly send paper documents, with clear document quality and efficient and convenient communication."


Unlock "Simultaneously-working Dual camera" to easily realize remote sharing of paper files.


One machine for three uses


The SKY D510i, which is located on the desktop terminal, integrates three modes of video conferencing, OPS, and display, bringing a smooth and efficient office experience, which can be used in small meetings, leading desktop conferences and other scenarios.



"SKY D510i includes video conferencing mode, OPS computer mode, and display mode. It truly realizes one machine with three functions. The switching of the entire mode is also very convenient. It can quickly implement video conference, data collaboration, and computer office applications. It’s convenient and flexible."


"one machine with three functions" makes efficient work easier!


Multifunctional knob


SKY D510i's knob-type buttons are convenient for quick adjustment of various parameters during the video conference, focusing on the conference itself and improving conference efficiency.



"The main knob of D510i can adjust a series of parameters such as main camera field of view, document field of view, brightness, volume, contrast, etc with simple operation. Just touch our main knob, select "main field of view", and turn it to adjustment."


Turn the "multi-function knob", quickly adjust the parameters, convenient and practical.


Three security defense lines


Security is the top priority of video conference. SKY D510i builds three security lines of defense. According to the security needs of users in different scenarios, it provides the most suitable security solutions to ensure users' safe communication.


"The three major security lines of defense of D510i are: first, scan the face to unlock, accurately recognize the facial information of portraits, and be safe and stable; second, the main camera switch with a knob to protect user privacy; third, AES encryption, protect meetings’ data from leaking. Ensure safe meetings."


"three major security lines" to ensure that every meeting is safe and sound!